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Search - Let us know what Barbados info. you’re looking for and we’ll quickly find it for you: Travel Guide - Barbados travel information for planning your vacation. Activities, where to stay, eat and shop. Island events, tours, maps, photos, stories, people and much more.

Go For The Sports - Barbados is a sporting paradise with so many activities to enjoy, whether watching or experiencing for yourself.

Go For The Shopping - Barbados shopping unleashes the shopaholic in you, with an amazing array of duty-free shops along with authentic local craft and gifts.

Go For The Romance - Discover the most romantic spots, activities and restaurants in Barbados. An island romance awaits on our shores, whether you're honeymooning, celebrating your love, or rekindling the romance.

Go For The Respite - Slip away to the comfort of Barbados to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Warm Caribbean sunshine boosts your mood, while a soothing massage eases your stress away. Stunning beaches and natural tropical beauty renew your spirit.

Go For The Nightlife - Barbados nightlife lifts your spirits with tropical music, dinner shows, exquisite dining, and lively bars. Party to island rhythms, mingle with locals, and taste the food & spirits of Barbados.

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Street Vendor - Debro - Barbados Street Vendor Selling Tropical Ripe Fruit and Vegetables - "Good furya Darling"

Coconut Vendor: Opening Coconuts - Story of the Coconut Vendor - Character, skill and refreshment

Sugar and Rum - Sugar has been an ideal crop for Barbados. White gold as it was called, produced great wealth, fame and stature for the island

Chattel Houses - The Chattel House was originally the design of the plantation workers home.

Churches, Religion and Places of Worship - Churches and Religion. Maps and information on Parish Churches and Denominations.

Dover Beach - Dover Beach is located in middle of the popular St.Lawrence Gap, on the south coast of the island.

Coral polyps - The exquisite coral flowers are in fact congregations of tiny animals, called polyps, of a few millimeters in size.

Education and Schools In Barbados - Barbados education and educational facilities - primary, secondary, schools, tertiary education, colleges, and university in Barbados.

Barbados Embassies & Consulates - List of embassies in Barbados

Barbados: National Emblems - Information on the Barbados Flag, Coat of Arms, National Anthem, National Pledge, and National Flower.

Barbados Fishing - a way of life - Meet the fisherman and women that catch the fish and sell them in the markets. The people of the sea, descendants of the Africans, the Caribs and the Arawaks, living close to nature in the land they love.

Tidal Pools - Inshore reefs and tidal pools like this one on the Hastings Coast, north of the Ocean View Hotel, are important grounds for the men who cast nets, set fish traps and spear fish to feed their families.

Flying Fish - Flying fish, which are common to most tropical seas, are found in the warm waters surrounding Barbados.

Geological Heritage - Explore the fascinating geology of Barbados, where coral reefs built the island\'s foundation. Discover how coral limestone shapes our water, caves, gullies, and even your refreshing drink!

Grapefruit - There is an old Barbadian legend telling us that the "Grapefruit" was first developed in Barbados, in the beautiful Welchman Hall Gully

Natural Heritage - Links to miscellaneous pages on heritage

Barbados Architecture Heritage - Our tiny island is an architectural delight of old and new, of elegance and simplicity, of history and tradition preserved and repeated through the years.

Historic Places of Interest in Barbados - Take a virtual tour of the historic places around the island!

Jacobean - Barbados is the home of two of the three remaining "Jacobean Mansions" left in the Western hemisphere. Built in the 1650's the BTE has pleasure in acknowledging these two architectural delights as part of our "Seven Wonders of Barbados". National Anthem, for the first time.

Barbados Museums - Visit a local museum to learn more about our history, heritage and culture.

Rihanna - 'Ri Ri' - Barbados' biggest celebrity - Meet Rihanna, who was born and grew up in Barbados, yet another extraordinary Barbadian.

Scenic Lookout Spots Around Barbados - Click your way to the best views of the island with this map

Swim with the Turtles in Barbados - OK, so maybe we don't have any dolphins in Barbados, but you can still have an experience of a lifetime as you swim with the sea turtles! So come swim with and feed the friendly turtles - right in the Caribbean Sea!

Barbados Plants, Flowers and Vegetation - Links to major plants, flowers, trees - picture gallery

Barbados USA Ties - Bill Clinton is not the first American President to sleep in Barbados. President Reagan spent a few nights here and George Washington stayed here for six weeks. He visited the island in 1751 in the company of his half-brother Lawrence who had made the six week voyage from the Potomac for health reasons. Nineteen at the time, it was Washington's only trip abroad.

Barbados Holidays - Little England - a heritage of architecture and society

Key Facts - Check list of important facts on Barbados

Fun Facts - Did You Know - Check list of Fun facts on history and folklore.

National Anthem - Text and Audio of National Anthem

Andromeda Gardens - A beautiful six-acre garden of orchids, palms, ferns, heliconia, hibiscus,bougainvillea, begonias and cacti. The exotic flowers and trees are complemented by a lovely stream which bisects the land and forms enchanting pools and waterfalls.

Animal Flower Cave - Cave on the cliffs off of the North Point of the Island. The name "Animal Flower Cave" comes from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve - Visitors are offered a unique opportunity to stroll freely through the Reserve, which is primarily a monkey sanctuary. There are few cages and the animals can be observed as they eat, play and interact with the other animals. Other animals that can be found at the Reserve are ducks, turtles, tortoises, birds, peacocks, otters, racoons, agouti, and deer.

Barclays Park - Barclays Park, a 50-acre park climbing up a hillside on the east coast of the island, was opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1966 - the year of Barbados' independence.

Bathsheba - Picturesque east coast village and popular surfing spot.

Banks Beer Brewery - There's nothing quite like relaxing in the warm Barbados sunshine with an ice cold beer in your hand. And the beer of choice in Barbados is our very own brew - Banks Beer!

Chalky Mount Potteries - Watch local potters at work creating unique pottery that makes an ideal souvenir of your trip or gift for loved ones. Chalky Mount also offers spectacular views of the eastern coastline of Barbados.

Cherry Tree Hill - Approximately 850 feet above sea-level, this spot offers an excellent views of the coastline and valleys.

Codrington College - Oldest Anglican theological college in Western Hemisphere.

Conset Bay - Lovely bay on a rugged windswept coast.

Crane Beach - Crane Beach, originally a harbour, is considered by many to be one of the island's most beautiful beaches.

Drax Hall - Historic Jacobean Building built by the Drax Brothers. One of Three Remaining in the western Hemisphere.

East Coast - On the East Coast of Barbados huge Atlantic waves crash along the shore and these beaches are better suited for walking and sunning.

Errol Barrow Park - Errol Barrow Park is a small community park located in the parish of St.Michael. It is named after one of Barbados' national heroes.

Farley Hill - Building of Farley Hill house began in 1818, with additional rooms being added over the next 50 years. It eventually grew to be regarded as the most impressive mansion in Barbados.

Crop Over Calendar - See the Crop Over calendar of events including the cavalcades and major Crop Over events.

Flower Forest Botanical Gardens - The Flower Forest is a tropical paradise located in the heart of the Barbados countryside! This botanical garden is home to a multitude of majestic palms, colourful shrubs and tropical flowers.

Folkestone Marine Park & Museum - Folkestone Marine Park features a mature artificial reef purposefully formed by the sinking of the ship Stavronikita. There is a also a marine museum which is fun to visit!

Garrison Savannah & Cannon Collection - The Caribbean is still full of secrets. One recently revealed is that Barbados has the world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary - The Swamp's Mangrove trees provide a natural habitat for several species of birds. In addition the swamp is a temporary home for a large number of migrant and wintering water and shore birds.

Gun Hill Signal Station - The finest of a series of signal stations built in 1818. These stations sighted ships approaching Barbados and signaled to each other in warning of the approaching vessel.

Martins Bay - Martin's Bay is a small fishing village located on the east coast of the island in the parish of St.John. This is a quiet little haven where a shallow reef breaks the waves and creates small pools perfect for soaking in.

Hackleton's Cliff - Hackleton's Cliff, in the parish of St.Joseph, rises almost perpendicularly within a few miles of the coastline and reaches a height of one thousand feet above sea-level.

Holetown - The first settlement in Barbados, Holetown, was originally named Jamestown, after it's benefactor, King James I of England.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre - A luxurious shopping centre and home to several restaurants, bars and cinemas.

Rock Hall Freedom Village - This historic site is the first Barbados freehold village created by former slaves in 1841, just 3 years after full Emancipation from slavery.

Morgan Lewis Mill - Morgan Lewis is one of the only two intact and restored sugar mills in the Caribbean. The other is at Betty's Hope Estate on one of our sister islands, Antigua.

Mount Hillaby - This is the highest point on the island and offers amazing views!

Bath Beach - Bath is the safest and one of the most popular beaches on the East Coast of the island. This is the perfect place for a refreshing sea bath followed by a picnic lunch under the shade of casuarina trees.

Oistins - Oistins is a major Barbados fishing community with a modern fishing market and a popular fish fry on weekends. Oistins is a town with great commercial and historical value to Barbados.

St. George Parish Church - Main Features : architecture is less Gothic and more Georgian, magnificent alter painting - "The Resurrection", monumental sculpture.

St. James Parish Church - St. James Parish Church is among the four oldest surviving churches in Barbados and is located near the site of the island's first settlement in Holetown.

St. John Parish Church - Main Features : Churchyard contains body of Ferdinand Paleologus (descendant of Constantine), Westmascott statue, spectacular view of East Coast, gravesite of former prime minister.

St. Nicholas Abbey - Historic Jacobean Home. St.Nicholas Abbey is not without its tale of tragedy! Yeamans and Berringer feud over Love Interest.

Sam Lords Castle - Located in the parish of St.Philip, Sam Lord's Castle is a beautiful Georgian mansion built in 1820 by the notorious buccaneer Samuel Hall Lord.

Sharon Moravian Church - Sharon Moravian Church remains as one of the few eighteenth century edifices of Barbados unspoilt by any alterations or modifications.

Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum - This museum is a permanent record of how sugar was produced in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Speightstown - Located along the north-west coast of Barbados, Speightstown is one of the islands major towns and boasts a long and intruiging history.

Barbados Museum - The Barbados Museum, located at the Garrison, is housed in the former British Military Prison. It is also a useful genealogy research resource.

Barbados Cinemas and Drive-In - Enjoy a movie or two while in Barbados! Local cinemas range from a modern multiplex cinema to an oldtime drive-in!

Where is Barbados - That's a question we get asked quite a lot. Luckily since this is our home we are perfectly placed to give you the answer....

Emancipation Statue (also known as Bussa) - This statue, the work of Barbados' best known sculptor Karl Broodhagen, commemorates the emancipation of the slaves in Barbados.

Turners Hall Woods - Reminants of a dense tropical forest

Tyrol Cot - Tyrol Cot was the home of Sir Grantley Adams, the first premier of Barbados. The house is flanked by The Heritage Village, a 'living museum' comprised of a number of attractive Chattel Houses, each of which displays the work of traditional craftsmen and artists.

Grenade Hall Signal Station - The signal station offers amazing views of the island. When you're through exploring the signal station, follow the paths through the Grenade Hall Forest and discover the healing powers of many of the plants found there.

St. Joseph Parish Church - Main features : stained glass windows, view of East Coast.

St. Philip Parish Church - One of several historic Anglican churches on the island.

St. Patricks Cathedral - Catholic cathedral on the outskirts of the capital city.

Barbados Renewal of Vows Ceremonies and Weddings - Whether you're celebrating a lifetime of memories with the one you love, or you wish to rekindle your romance, the tropical setting of Barbados is the ideal spot to say "I do" all over again!

St. Thomas Parish Church - Main Features : Like the St.Peter Parish Church, the St.Thomas Church is less Gothic than was the norm in the mid-nineteenth century.

St. Peter Parish Church - St.Peter was one of the six original parishes and its first church was built in 1629.

St. Lucy Parish Church - The first St.Lucy parish church was built of wood in 1627 and this was followed by a stone structure in 1741.

Ragged Point Lighthouse - Ragged Point is the most easterly point of the island and offers a spectacular view of the rugged coastal scenery along almost the entire East Coast of Barbados.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery & Visitors Centre - Discover the fascinating history of Mount Gay Rum in Barbados.. then savour free tastings!

Barbados weather forecast - Get the 5 day weather forecast for Barbados

Bridgetown - Bridgetown is the capital and commercial centre and has a population of about 80 000. Bridgetown was originally named "Indian Bridge" for the rude bridge which had been constructed over the river (now known as the Careenage) by the Indians.

Barbados Airports and Seaports - View the locations and more information on Barbados' international airport and seaports.

Jewish Synagogue - The Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue is a Barbados National Trust protected building and an active synagogue.

The Barbados Boardwalk - Join a virtual tour of the Barbados Boardwalk on the south coast of the island.

Bottom Bay Beach - Tucked away on the south coast, past the Crane Beach and Sam Lords Castle is Bottom Bay, a wide, expansive beach with smooth rolling waves riding onto shore.

Barbados Island Tours, Car Rentals and Taxis - All about getting around in Barbados! Let these experts introduce you to the real Barbados! Or rent a car and explore the island for yourself.

River Bay - A North Coast Stop off. Dry river bed, interesting walks and topolgy.

Nightclubs - Nightclubs and entertainment across the island!

Barbados Picture Gallery - Barbados Picture Gallery - Landscapes, Buildings, Plants, Flowers, People, Art, Beaches, Activities, Sports

Open House Programme - BARBADOS NATIONAL TRUST: On Wednesday afternoons, January-April, from 2.30 - 5.30 pm, the Trust invites you to visit private homes of architectural or historical interest. Come spend an afternoon in some of the island's loveliest homes!

Surfing and WindSurfing - Surfing and Wind Surfing: Locations, Resorts and Contacts

Parasailing and Paragliding - For the adverturous. Paragliding and Parasailing: Contacts

Motor Scooter Rentals - Rent a motor scooter for a great way to explore Barbados! Motor scooters require a small deposit and discounts are offered for seven-day rentals.

Barbados Jazz Festival - Bringing together in tropical ambience some of the world best talent in an explosion of Jazz in its unending possibilities of sound fusion.

Holder's Season - Founded in 1993, the Holders Season is established as the premier cultural event in the Caribbean. Acclaimed nationally and internationally, the season is a celebration of opera, music and theatre. The production always plays to capacity houses and its high artistic standard draws audiences from around the world.

Crop Over Festival - The highlight of the Annual Cultural Calendar is the Crop Over Festival. This Festival originated on the sugar plantation as a means of celebrating the end of the sugar cane harvest season. The Crop Over Festival was reviewed in 1974 after a period of depression and involves community participation in fairs, concerts, cart parades and other cultural activities with an integral component being the Calypso Competition and crowning of the Calypso Monarch.

Banks Hockey Festival - Open to men's and women's Field Hockey Clubs from around the world.

Holetown Festival - This festival commemorates the landing of the first settlers to Barbados at Holetown, St. James in February 1627. Highlights include street fairs, the Royal Barbados Police Band Concert, a musical Festival in the historic Parish Church, and a Beauty Show.

Oistins Fish Festival - The Oistins Fish Festival celebrates the life and contribution made by this fishing town to the overall development of the island. The programme includes fishing, racing, fish boning competitions, a Coast Guard Exhibition, food stalls, arts and crafts, dancing, singing and road races.

Gospelfest - The Barbados Gospelfest is an international festival and attracts major Gospel talent mainly from USA, UK and the Caribbean. This festival targets the Christian communities across the globe and receives the support of the Gospel music industry in Barbados.

Barbados Finest Hotels - Discover the very best hotels in Barbados.

Barbados Hotel Search - Quickly find Barbados accommodation matching your criteria!

Barbados Finest Apartments - Discover the best Barbados vacation apartments and apartment hotels

Barbados: Luxury villas and cottages - Locate the very best of Barbados' luxury villas and cottages and make online bookings through reputable and experienced agents.

Sun, Sea and Slams Bridge Tournament -

NIFCA - National Independence Festival of Creative Arts - his festival encourages Barbadians of all ages to match their talents in the fields of music, singing, dance, drama and writing. The festival runs throughout the month of November and culminates with a gala presentation in which the finalists are featured.

Restaurants - Barbados Finest Cuisine - Discover the very best restaurants in Barbados!

Barbados Restaurants - There is an abundance of fine restaurants on the island that offer local cuisine, seafood and continental cuisine. The wide range of dining options available in Barbados ensures that there is something to suit every taste and budget.

SoCo Hotel - The talk in Barbados and online (specially from repeat visitors to our lovely island) is of the new SoCo Hotel

Specials Deals and Hot Sites! - Barbados hot sites of the week - the very best accommodation, dining, shoppping and activities in Barbados! Also special Vacation Deals!

Shopping - List of all Barbados Shops with links to online shopping.

Barbados Green Monkey - The green monkeys found in Barbados originally came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa approximately 350 years ago. itube video

Celtic Festival - Celebrating the heritage of the Celtic cultures, this festival includes music, song, and dance, and attracts Irish, Welch and Scottish visitors and residents of Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond.

Artists of Barbados - Barbados is an island filled with artistic talent .... from skilled local potters at work fashioning their wares as has been done for centuries, to modern fashion designers and abstract artists.

Barbados Business - Detailed information and guidance on doing business in Barbados.

Tax Treaties - Learn which countries Barbados has tax treaties and investment treaties with.

Poems and Poetry - Favorites and original poems contributed by visitors

Travel Information - Information on travel documents including passports and visas, along with immigration information.

Barbados Currency - Information on the Barbados currency and use of credit & debit cards.

Things to Know About Barbados - Things to know when planning a trip to Barbados!

Travel Flights and Schedules - Flying Times From Major Cities to Barbados. Scheduled and Charter Flights to Barbados.

Barbados Weather and Climate Conditions - Current Barbados weather conditions, information on the seasons, temperatures, hurricanes and storms.

Barbados Horse Racing - Horse racing in Barbados is held in several seasons throughout the year. The races are held at the historic Garrison Savannah on the south coast of the island.

Barbados Hotels - Find Barbados accommodation quickly and easily with this listing of Barbados hotels, with the very finest hotels highlighted!

Barbados Self Catering Hotels and Apartments - Barbados vacations apartments, as well as larger apartment hotels, are perfect for families and long-stay visitors as they typically include self-catering facilities.

A Brief Chronology of Barbados History - Tracing the roots of Indigenous People far back it time. This provides a very brief account of major historical events

Relocating to Barbados - Information on relocating to Barbados, including permanent residence requirements, real estate, and much more.

The 7 Wonders of Barbados - Barbados has a number of sites of historical, architectural and natural interest and it is these that make Barbados special and unique! Most people know of the Seven Wonders of the World..... here is your chance to discover the "Seven Wonders of Barbados"!

Barbados Beaches - As a tropical island Barbados is home to many beautiful beaches. Barbados beaches are as diverse as the island and everyone has their favourite.

Barbados Boogie Boarding / Body Surfing - With an array of beaches and warm, clear waters Barbados is an ideal spot for boogie boarding.

Barbados Sports, Activities and Recreation - Discover the sports and recreational activities available in Barbados. Sports and recreation events in Barbados include golf, diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, cricket, riding and more!

St. Lawrence Gap - Explore the exciting St. Lawrence Gap and Dover areas - offering nightlife, activities, shopping, restaurants and accommodation.

Barbados Print and Broadcast Media - Barbados Daily Newspapers, Television and Radio Stations

Barbados Tourism Authority Offices - Contact information of the BTA offices in Barbados, North America, Uk and Europe

Points of interest - There's so much to discover about this island - from the historic homes and buildings that tell the story of our past, to the underground wonder of our natural caves. You will see our natural beauty in the tropical flowers that bloom around you and the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes that abound.

Ordinary and Extraordinary Barbadians - Ordinary & Extraordinary Barbadian Personalities

Barbados Internet Marketing Services - We provide a full range of services including script writing, photography, design, and programming (Perl, Java, Database, HTML and Dynamic HTML), as well as marketing and press announcements for our clients. These services are combined to give you not just a web page, but a web presence. A site which stands out on the Internet and attracts thousands to your business.

Fisherpond Plantation House - Dining, Weddings & Parties - Explore the historic Fisherpond Plantation House, Barbados and enjoy a renowned planters lunch!

Caribbean Cruises: Cruising to Barbados! - Cruise the Caribbean and discover Barbados! We have a number of suggestions for cruise ship visitors to the island - from tours to motor scooter rentals, duty-free shopping to onshore weddings!

Barbados Drinks/Recipies - Recipes for some of the most popular Barbadian drinks - Rum Punch, Rum Cocktail, Punch a Creme and Caribbean Cocktail!

Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University - The principle current focus of Bellairs is the conservation, rehabilitation and management of marine resources, marine environmental quality and marine biodiversity.

Barbados Health Facilities and Alternative Health - Health care facilities in Barbados, Prescriptions filling, and vaccinations for travellers to the island.

Barbados Real Estate - Real Estate Guide and Real Estate Agents

Smoking in public places in Barbados - Smoking is not permitted in public places in Barbados.

Things to do and see in Barbados - Barbados sightseeing and activities! A complete index of all places of interest, activites and events in Barbados! Sports and recreation, entertainment, arts and crafts, music, events, photo gallery, activities, maps, Island Explorer, places of interest, do, see, scenic points, museums, nightlife, entertainment, vacations, holidays, eco-tourism, island tours, tours, cruises, cruising, sailing, sports fishing, golf, Crop Over, scuba, watersports, diving, safari, car rentals.

Electricity in Barbados - Information on electrical voltage, plug types, and adapters.

Government of Barbados - Government profile, poilitcal parties and ministers of government

The Baobab Tree - Two magnificent baobab trees with possibly the widest tree-trunks to be found in the Caribbean, grow in Barbados!

Roman Catholic Church in Barbados - Today, Catholics make up approximately four percent of church goers and there are 5 Roman Catholic Churches in Barbados.

Barbados Guestbook - Enter your comments about Barbados and/or this website in our Barbados Guestbook!

Barbados Sailing: Catamaran Charters and Sailing Tours - There are several Barbados yachts and catamarans available for charters. You can join a scheduled cruise or customise your own personal sailing tour.

Barbados hotel wedding and honeymoon packages! - Special Barbados weddings and honeymoons packages are offered at these Barbados hotels! Begin your most important beginning in Paradise!

Barbados Communications and Legal Services - Barbados Business Services - Communications, Internet Access, and Legal Services

Barbados Screensavers - A gift from These beautiful screensavers are available FREE. Brighten up your day, save your PC screen and add some joy to your work.

Cycling and Mountainbiking in Barbados - Lovely landscapes and sunny skies make Barbados the perfect spot for cycling and mountain biking.

Hike Barbados: Take a Hike/Walk Around The Island - Hike Barbados takes you walking / hiking through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Along the way you will meet new friends, enjoy healthy exercise and observe the delicate balance of the unique heritage and environment of Barbados.

How to dress in Barbados - What clothes and accessories to pack for your Barbados vacation and tips on Barbados dress.

Barbados Horticulture: Open Gardens - Schedule of open gardens coordinated by the Barbados Horticultural Society. Come and see the tropical splendour of Barbados flora!

Visitors Journal - Comedy, Storytelling and Memorable Moments! - This section contains visitors' Memorable Moments, letters and insight from visitors about theater, arts or whatever made their trip to Barbados one to remember and cherish.

Oistins Fish Fry - Oistins historic port and fishing Village cateers to locals and tourists with open CoalPot BBQs, rum shops and music. Mingle with Bajans for a fun night at great value.

Barbados Travel Documents Required - Passports and Visas - Information on visas and passport requirements for your Barbados vacation.

Seascapes and Coastal features - Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are mainly made from finely ground coral. Of course, not all of Barbados' coast is sand; there are mangrove swamps, cliffs, tide pools and areas where beds of low lying coral rock, sandstone, clay or shale reach out to the sea.

Diving in Barbados - Barbados offers an array of both wreck and reef dive sites. The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. Explore them all by taking a dive trip while on holiday.

Barbados Apartments Search - Find vacation apartments and apartment hotels matching your travel needs!

Architectural Photogallery - Photogallery of Barbados Homes

Barbados Animals and Wildlife - Discover the animals of Barbados including sea turtles, green monkeys, black belly sheep and pelicans.

Cricket in Barbados - Cricket is the national sport of Barbados. Thousands of visitors flock to world class matches each year at the main ground Kensington Oval.

Barbados Dive Operators - Barbados offers an array of both wreck and reef dive sites, and there are several well-trained, experienced and professional dive operators to lead you to them.

Camping in Barbados - Find the best Barbados campsites and experience the great outdoors island-style!

Barbados Guest Houses - Listings of guest houses and bed and breakfasts by name, size, location, facilities and rates.

Barbados Concierge Services & Destination Management - Let destination management service companies in Barbados make all the arrangements for your trip ... all you have to do is show up! Services include car rentals, accommodation, island tours, sightseeing, trips, activities, parties, functions, and more.

Function and Event Planning - Local destination management companies offer a wide range of services to meet your group, corporate or personal needs incl. event & function planning, conferences, group bookings and weddings.

Barbados Timeshare Properties - See the resorts offering timeshare in Barbados. Barbados is an excellent choice as a timeshare destination because of the limited number of timeshare resorts on the island and the establishment of Barbados as a top-class Caribbean destination.

Christmas in Barbados - A Caribbean Christmas poem, the Barbados Christmas Parade, and the flowers of Christmas (Poinsettia, Snow on the Mountain, and Christmas Candles).

Mullins Beach - Mullins Beach - one of the more popular beaches on the west coast of Barbados.

Heywoods Beach - Heywoods Beach, Barbados - a quiet west coast beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Mahogany Bay - "Mahogany Bay", or lower Paynes Bay, is located along the west coast of Barbados in the parish of St.James.

Cuban Monument - On the west coast of Barbados, in the Paynes Bay area, you will find this monument, dedicated to the victims of a 1976 bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner.

Pelican Village - Pelican Village is an attractive, spacious shopping village offering the very best of local handicrafts, and providing the opportunity to see Barbados' craftsmen at work.

The Monkey-Doodles Picnic - in a Barbados Banana Patch! - The words of this long-lived popular classic children's song "The Teddy Bears Picnic" have been modified to suit our Barbados way of life!

Childrens Activities in Barbados - Barbados offers a wide range of activities to entertain and educate children while on vacation on the island including a wildlife reserve, scuba diving for kids and more!

Trips from Barbados around the Caribbean - While vacationing in Barbados, take the opportunity to explore some of the other islands in the Caribbean. The islands are very different, with each having unique features - from the waterfalls of Dominica to the Piton mountains and sulphur springs of St.Lucia; the Amerindian culture of Guyana to the breathtaking natural beauty and bio-diversity of Tobago!

Barbados Waverunner (Jetski) Rentals - Explore the beautiful coastal waters of Barbados by Waverunner (Jet ski). Rent a jetski in Barbados for an exciting holiday experience!

Bay Street - As you head south out of the capital city of Bridgetown, head up Bay Street for a mixture of historic and modern Barbados.

The Bayshore Complex - The Bayshore Complex - for shopping, entertainment, dining on the outskirts of Bridgetown city.

Kayaking in Barbados - Explore Barbados by kayak! Enjoy a fascinating experience in the warm tropical breezes as you glide across the crystal clear Caribbean waters and past white sandy beaches...

Accommodation with Gyms or Fitness Centres - Several Barbados hotels and resorts offer small gyms or fitness centres.

Fitts Village, Prospect - Located on the west coast of the island, Fitts Village features good accommodation, excellent restaurants and lovely beaches.

Barbados Fishing Operators - Game Fishing/Sports Fishing - Barbados fishing operators offer deep sea fishing and coastal tours off the coast of Barbados. Most include refreshment, equipment and transportation

Barbados Maps - Island maps including major cities and towns and satellite views.

Personal Drivers - Relax and enjoy your Barbados vacation with the convenience of a personal driver at your service!

Needham's Point - An area of historical significance and one of the best Barbados beaches. On your Barbados vacation be sure to visit Needham's Point.

Barbados Thrills - Want some excitement on your Caribbean vacation? Looking for an activity that requires a bit of daring? Well Barbados has got just what you're looking - from powerboat rides to ATV Tours!

Tent Bay - This picturesque bay is home to a small fish market and local barbadian fishing boats can be seen making their way in and out of the bay in the morning and evening...

Barbados Spas - Visit a Barbados spa to revitalise and rejuvenate your body, soul and mind. A Caribbean vacation on the island of Barbados is the perfect spa vacation!

The Concorde Experience - You, too, can fly an aeroplane! Not just any plane but the most graceful and elegant plane ever created. And you can do it in Barbados, in the new hi-tech Museum dubbed 'The Concorde Experience'. It is not to be missed, for it is truly an adventure.

Barbados Games: Discover the island before your Barbados holiday! - Are you planning to visit Barbados? Well then here's a chance to get to know a bit about the island before you arrive! These Barbados games are a fun and exciting way to learn about our island paradise, even before your Barbados holiday begins!

Barbados Beaches By Map - Explore Barbados beaches by map! Tranquil Barbados beaches on the west, lively surf on the south and rugged beauty on the east and north.

Barbados Staycations - Barbados Staycations offer exceptional value. Vacation at home and save with a Barbados staycation!

Barbados Fish Markets - Find the best Barbados fish markets to get fresh local fish and seafood.

Blackmans Gully and Bridge - Blackmans Gully is part of an islandwide series of gullies that form a vital part of our ecosystem. Overlooking the gully is Blackmans Bridge which dates back to before 1682!

Airport in Barbados - The Barbados airport is Grantley Adams International (GAIA). Find out more about airport hotels, customs and immigration, taxis, car rentals, duty free shopping, restaurants, meet and greet services and arrivals & departures.

Queens Park - Queens Park Barbados located in the capital city Bridgetown - enjoy the park, art gallery and Barbados solar house.

Hastings Rocks, Barbados - Hastings Rocks Barbados is a great stop along the boardwalk, offering fantastic views and recreation facilities. Be sure to visit Hastings Rocks during your Barbados vacation!

Holetown Monument - The Holetown Monument commemorates the first English landing in Barbados in 1625.

Barbados Wedding Planners - Let a local professional assist you through the process of planning your dream Barbados wedding.

Bay Street Esplanade - The Bay Street Esplanade, Barbados offers amazing views, running alongside Brownes Beach and overlooking Carlisle Bay. Stop by the Bay Street Esplanade during your Barbados vacation!

Ilaro Court - Ilaro Court is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Barbados.The grounds of Ilaro Court are beautifully maintained and play host to a number of social and cultural events throughout the year. While not generally open to the public, the house is occasionally opened as part of the Barbados National Trust Open House Programme.

Huntes Gardens, Barbados - Hunte's Gardens, Barbados are located in the lush countryside and feature a spectacular array of tropical flowers, trees, plants and foliage. An eco traveller's dream!

Needhams Point lighthouse - Needhams Point lighthouse is situated in the grounds of the Hilton Barbados hotel on the south-west coast of the island. It is the second oldest lighthouse in Barbados dating back to 1855.

Harrison Point lighthouse - Harrison Point lighthouse is situated in the north-west of Barbados in the parish of St. Lucy. Built in 1925, Harrison Point is the youngest of Barbados' four lighthouses.

South Point Lighthouse - South Point lighthouse was assembled in Barbados in 1852, having been shown at Londons Great Exhibition the previous year.

Government House - Government House was built in 1702 and was the official residence of the Governor of Barbados. The home is now the official residence of the Governor General, who acts as the local representative for the Head of State Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Barbados Drive-In - Visitors to Barbados can experience the thrill of an old fashion drive-in at the Globe Drive-In located in the southern parish of Christ Church.

Barbados Dolphin Fountain - This Dolphin Fountain is located in the capital city of Bridgetown at the eastern end of Broad Street. This fountain, which was opened in 1865, commemorates the introduction of piped water to Bridgetown in March 1861.

Lord Nelson Statue - Bronze statue of Admiral Lord Nelson. The statue predates Nelson Column in Trafalgar Square in London by nearly 30 years.

Golden Square Freedom Park - Explore this historically-significant park located right in the heart of Barbados' capital city Bridgetown.

Rainbow Beach - Rainbow Beach is a small white sand beach located towards the eastern end of the popular St. Lawrence Gap area.

Barbados Bearded Fig Tree - The name "Barbados" is believed to have its origins with the Bearded Fig Tree. The Portuguese sighted Barbados in 1536 en route to Brazil and referred to the island as Los Barbados or the Bearded Ones presumably after the fig trees found on the island.

Barbados Signal Stations - Due to their elevated location these signal stations offer spectacular views of the island. Gun Hill Signal Station, located in the center of the island commands amazing views of the south and west coasts in particular, while Grenade Hall and Cotton Tower offer vistas on the east coast.

Cotton Tower Signal Station - Cotton Tower signal station was built in the 19th century by the British Military and was one of several signal stations across the island. The station offers wonderful views of the lush Scotland District and eastern coastline.

Bathsheba Park - Bathsheba Park is a small beachfront park located in the seaside town of Bathsheba on the east coast of Barbados.

Nidhe Israel Museum (Jewish Museum) - The Nidhe Israel Museum is located next to the synagogue in the capital city of Bridgetown. The museum traces Jewish history in Barbados dating back to the arrival of the earliest Jews in 1628 and highlights their contribution to Barbadian society.

Independence Arch, Bridgetown, Barbados - The Independence Arch commemorate Barbados' 21st anniversary of Independence. It is located at the southern end of the Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados.

Skeetes Bay - Skeetes Bay is a small fishing community located on the south-east coast of Barbados. Enjoy lovely coastal views and swimming at Skeetes Bay.

Chattel Village, Holetown - The Chattel Village is a colourful collection of shops located in the popular west coast town of Holetown. The shops are set in lovely tropical gardens making for scenic shopping and browsing.

Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown, Barbados - The Chamberlain Bridge is located in the heart of the capital city of Bridgetown.

Barbados Cenotaph - This Barbados Cenotaph is located in the capital city of Bridgetown. The monument was originally constructed in 1925 to commemorate those who died during World War I.

Lemon Arbour Barbados - Lemon Arbour (officially called The Village Bar) is one of those popular local hang-out spots that you simply must try during your Barbados vacation!

Barbados Pelicans - The pelican is featured on the national Coat of Arms of Barbados. Up until the 1950's Pelican Island existed as a small island off the west coast of Barbados

Barbados National Archives (Department of Archives) - The Barbados National Archives is a very useful source of information for persons conducting genealogical research.

Independence Square, Barbados - Independence Square is located on the waterfront in the heart of the capital city of Bridgetown and is a lovely spot to relax and take in the sights and sounds.

Culpepper Island, Barbados - Culpepper Island is a small uninhabited island located off the south-eastern coast of Barbados, near to Ragged Point.

Bridgetown Boardwalk - Explore the Bridgetown Boardwalk (Wickham Lewis Boardwalk) which runs east-west along the waterfront through the capital city of Bridgetown.

Quayside Centre, Barbados - Quayside Centre, located on the south coast of the island opposite Accra Beach, features many restaurants and shops.

Barbados Road Tennis - Road tennis originated in Barbados in the 1930's. Road tennis is catching on internationally as an exciting spectator sport!

Barbados Beaches Photo Gallery - The Barbados beaches photogallery interactively showcases beaches from this tropical Caribbean island.

Three Houses Park - Three Houses Park, Barbados is a very popular picnic spot and includes children's playground and a natural pool.

Bowling in Barbados - Bowling in Barbados? Yes it's true! The air-conditioned Bowling Centre at Casa Grande Hotel offers 8 lanes and is configured for 10 pin bowling.

Stand Up Paddling / Paddle Boarding - Imagine cruising along on crystal clear waters with the brilliant sunshine warming your face and body. That's the experience of stand up paddling in Barbados.

Barbados Carnival: Crop-over, Kadooment & Jouvert - Barbados carnival is a time of costumes, revelry, drinking and fun in the streets of this Caribbean island. Crop over is the season in which carnival takes place. It is a festival of celebration and thanks for a successful harvest dating back to the days when sugar was the primary drop in Barbados. J'ouvert is a Caribbean word of French origin that describes the large street parties enjoyed in the islands of the Caribbean. In Barbados there are two main J'ouvert celebrations: J'ouvert Morning which starts just after midnight and the Kadooment jump that ends the Crop Over carnival season.

Photo Gallery of Barbados Carnival - See exciting photos of the Barbados carnival and jouvert celebrations as part of the Crop Over summer festival!

Barbados Carnival Videos - Our videos capture the excitement, fun and revelry that form part of the Barbados Kadooment celebrations during the Crop Over summer festival. Come and celebrate jouvert in Barbados!

Barbados Zipline Adventure: Elevate Your Vacation - Get ready for an unforgettable Barbados ziplining experience that combines thrill, natural wonders, and pure joy.

Barbados Convenience Stores - When visiting Barbados it's good to know the location of nearby convenience stores where you can pick up snacks, grocery items and supplies. You'll find that there are many excellent convenience stores across the island. In addition to food items, most stock holiday essentials such as sunblock, sunglasses and toiletries.

Barbados Pharmacies - Need a Barbados pharmacy during your vacation? There are a number of pharmacies across the island ranging from larger chain pharmacies to smaller establishments

Barbados Segway Tours - For a really unique way to experience the beauty of our island, try a Barbados segway tour!

Barbados Car Rentals - Barbados car rental companies offer a range of hired cars including jeeps, SUVs, luxury sedans, small cars and mokes.

Barbados Guesthouses - Barbados Guesthouses offer the perfect escape - whether you are looking for a quiet Caribbean holiday or a couple of days of fun and adventure!

3Ws Monument (Cricket) - The 3Ws monument is dedicated to the memory of three great Barbados and West Indies cricketers - Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Everton Weekes.

3Ws Oval (Cricket) - The 3Ws Oval is located at the University of the West Indies in Barbados and hosts local, regional and international cricket matches.

Kensington Oval Cricket Ground - Kensington Oval is an international cricket ground which has hosted many historic matches over the years including being the first West Indian ground to host an English touring cricket team (in 1895).

Cricket Photogallery - Views of modern and historical cricket

Dive Sites - Wrecks and Reefs - There are several wrecks and reefs around Barbados, especially on the west and south coasts of the island.

Barbados Golf - Barbados is an ideal location for golf and the perfect vacation spot for both serious and casual golfers.

Barbados Golf Courses - Barbados boasts some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean, many with stunning vistas of the Caribbean coastline. Our reputation as a golfing destination has been steadily growing and was further enhanced with the hosting of the World Golf Championships World Cup.

Golf Accommodation - Planning to play golf on your Barbados vacation? Several hotels offer special golf packages and have arrangements with local courses for preferred tee times.

Miniature Golf - Barbados offers miniature golf courses for those who prefer the scaled down version of the game!

Barbados polo - Polo is played to a high level in Barbados, with several first-class matches between the Barbados team and visiting international teams throughout the year.

Horse Riding & Riding Tours - Explore Barbados on horseback! Local riding centres offer a variety of trail rides and exciting scenic rides along the beach for those with any level of experience.

Run Barbados: Marathon and Road Race - The Run Barbados festival takes place annually on the first weekend in December.

Barbados Kitesurfing - Barbados has the most ideal kitesurfing beach possible - a gorgeous, tropical, mile long beach with slightly onshore winds!

Snorkeling in Barbados - Barbados' blue, crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, with visibility between 40 to 70 feet for most of the year. There is plenty to see with a diverse range of dive sites and underwater scenery.

Windsurfing - Besides Hawaii, Barbados is one of the best wave windsurfing spots of the world. The chances of wind are high and the waves are perfect for jumping and waveriding in sideshore winds.

Barbados Casinos and Gambling - Are there casinos in Barbados? Casino gambling is not legal in Barbados and there are no casinos on the island, however there are other legal forms of gambling.

UNESCO World Heritage Designation - Historic Bridgetown, Barbados and its Garrison Area was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2011. UNESCO cited it as an example of well preserved colonial architecture, that attests to the history and cultural at the start of Great Britain's Atlantic colonial empire. Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison (2011)

Foul Bay - Located on the south east coast of Barbados, Foul Bay is absolutely beautiful expanse of white sandy beach overlooked by rugged cliffs.

Scheduled and Charter Flights to Barbados and Flying Times - A number of international airlines provide scheduled and charter flights to Barbados. In addition there are several smaller airlines which link Barbados with the Caribbean and South America.

Barbados Weddings: Getting Married In Barbados - Begin your most important beginning in Paradise! Barbados wedding requirements are minimal and island weddings can be easily arranged.

Barbados Wedding Locations - Experience a dream wedding in beautiful Barbados - whether on the beach, in tropical gardens, in a historic church or at a magistrate.

Barbados Wedding Photographers - Let a professional wedding photographer capture amazing images as you share your love in paradise...

Worthing Beach - Located on the south coast of Barbados is the beautiful white sandy beach of Worthing. The sea in this area offers a multitude of delights for all sea lovers!

Business and Working Vacations in Barbados - If you are visiting the Caribbean on a business or working vacation, Barbados offers everything you need. Select a hotel package that gives you access to all the services and technology you could possibly need, including Internet access and meeting facilities.

Atlantis Submarines - Atlantis Submarines Barbados promises an amazing experience where you can create unforgettable memories on our unique underwater adventure. The award winning Atlantis submarine tour is one of the most highly recommended attractions in Barbados.

Active Vacations: Where to stay and what to do - If you're looking for an active, adventure vacation Barbados is just the place!

Barbados Birds - Explore the local bird population as well as the migratory birds that make Barbados home during the winter.

Barbados beaches: Nude Bathing / Topless Beaches - In Barbados there are no nude beaches and all beaches are open to the public. Nude bathing is illegal on Barbados beaches.

Harrisons Cave - A unique phenomenon of nature, Harrison's Cave is an amazing gallery of stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave, and stalagmites that emerge from the ground, with streams of crystal-clear running water that drop from breathtaking waterfalls to form deep emerald pools.

Morgan Lewis Beach - Morgan Lewis Beach is located on the north-east coast of Barbados. Here you are greeted by a seemingly endless expanse of white sandy beach.

Taxis and Transport Services - Taxis are a great way to get around Barbados, whether for custom tours or general transport services. Most local taxi companies offer a choice of luxury cars, small vans or large coaches for groups.

Vaccinations and Vaccines - Check what vaccinations and vaccines are needed and recommended for your trip to Barbados.

Barbados Beach Living Vacations - Barbados beach living options include: beach cottages and Villa hotels, luxury beach front hotels with full hotel service, rugged east coast living with stunning seascapes, board surfing, waves, rocks and sand.

Eco Adventure Vacation Packages and Resorts - Barbados is an island of great natural beauty and offers great eco-adventure vacation packages to the Caribbean - from the white sand beaches, to beautiful tropical blooms.

Family Vacations - Barbados, in the Caribbean, offers a wide range of vacation activities, resorts and packages, making the island a great location for a family vacation enjoyed by both children and parents.

Getaway Vacation Packages to Barbados - Barbados truly is a unique Caribbean paradise, surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and charming. We've got getaway vacation packages to suit every taste!

Barbados Golf Vacations and Resorts - Barbados is an ideal Caribbean golf vacation destination, with several top-class golf courses and resorts, and many great Golf Vacation deals!

Gospel Vacations - The Caribbean has long been a Mecca for spiritual and gospel travel. And the island of Barbados is no exception.

Group Vacations in Barbados - Barbados is a wonderful Caribbean group vacation destination, offering great travel and hotel rates. It's just perfect for a wide range of travel groups, like sports teams, families and businesses.

Barbados Heritage Vacations - Interested in Caribbean historic travel and tours? Barbados has a rich history and has preserved and restored many of its historic buildings

Musical Tours and Jazz Vacations in Barbados - The Caribbean island of Barbados offers a wealth of musical tours and events, and is a fantastic destination for Jazz fans.

Local Charm Vacations - The Caribbean is full of charming people who are larger than life. Experience their warmth and friendliness of a charming Barbados hotel or inn.

Luxury Vacations in Barbados - For a true, top luxury vacation the Caribbean island of Barbados is the ideal retreat.

No Frills Vacations in Barbados - Need a break but don't want to break the bank? Well then a budget vacation to a hotel or resort in Barbados is perfect for you.

Party Vacations - Find great nightlife for your party vacation at these Barbados hotels and resorts.

Rest and Relaxation in Barbados - When you are in need of a truly restful and relaxing vacation we have the hotel or retreat of your dreams!

Barbados Romantic Vacations - Imagine sleeping under the stars.... lulled into dreams by the melody of chirping crickets in a tropical night, the wind in the trees, blowing through the open shutters...

Special Needs Vacations - Barbados is seeing an increase in adventurous, disabled travelers with wheelchairs and special needs seeking a Caribbean vacation.

Surfing Vacations - Surf's up Dude! Got a passion for the longboard? Looking for a great Caribbean surfing vacation? Barbados is the place where the waves break after traveling across the Atlantic ocean.

Air Tours and Inter-Island Tours - Unfortunately, no helicopter tours of Barbados are currently available. Why not hop over to one of the islands for a day trip, or spend a couple of days exploring the diversity of the Caribbean.

Barbados Guesthouses By Name - View Barbados guesthouses listed by name, clickable to more information about each guest house.

Barbados Hotels By Name - Find the very best Barbados hotels listed by name and clickable to hotel websites for more information and bookings.

Barbados Self Catering Apartments & Hotels By Name - Find the best Barbados self-catering apartments and apartment hotels listed by name and clickable to apartment websites for more information and bookings.

Accra Beach / Rockley Beach - This very popular south coast beach offers a combination of exciting waves and calm swimming.

Barbados Driving Tips - If you're planning to rent a car during your Barbados vacation here are some tips for getting around the island safely.

Barbados WifFi Acccess - WiFi access is widely available across the island. Barbados has plans to cover the entire island with WiFi internet access - "from bus stop to rum shop"!

Barbados Public Transport - Buses, ZRs, Vans and Minibuses - Getting Around - Barbados public transport options in the form of buses, mini buses and vans make getting around the island very easy. Click for bus schedules and more info.

Barbados Rum Shops - Barbados rum shops are where you'll find the locals hanging out, 'firing a shot' and 'slamming a dom' .... to translate that means drinking rum and playing dominoes. Hey, Barbados is after all the very birthplace of rum!

Barbados Language - The official Barbados language is English, however you will hear our local dialect - referred to as Bajan dialect - spoken as well.

Barbados Festivals - Discover the top Barbados festivals including carnival (Crop Over), the open gardens and open houses and the Holetown and Oistins festivals.

Barbados Adventure Tours - Not interested in the traditional island tours? Well there are plenty of other ways to see Barbados - take a safari, go on an underwater expedition, hike across the island, or sail with the pirates!

Barbados Eco and Nature Tours - While natural beauty can be found on any Caribbean vacation, our lovely island of Barbados has many natural phenomena that are really quite unique.

Barbados Heritage Tours - Barbados was born from sugar and rum, in the days when pirates roamed the sea; a history rich in wealth and folklore.

Barbados Sea and Submarine Tours - Barbados offers catamaran cruises, coastal tours, even submarine rides and cruises on the Jolly Roger pirate ship!

Barbados Home and Gardens Tours - Come and explore the tropical gardens and lovely homes that can be found in abundance in Barbados!

Black Culture Tours - A Caribbean vacation to Barbados is an ideal opportunity to gain an appreciation of black culture and heritage.

Barbados Custom Tours & Theme Holidays - Most of the Barbados tour operators will arrange special itineraries for your group. These may include: Pub Crawls, Biking, Hiking and Kayaking Tours, Sports, Religious activities, visits to Health spas and alternatives.

Barbados Excursions For Cruise Passengers - If you are visiting Barbados as part of a Caribbean cruise, you are sure to be delighted with the range of tours and activities available to you.

Barbados Transfers & Luxury Transport - When you need reliable transportation from the airport to seaport, or from the airport to your hotel, rely on a reputable Barbados tour operator who specializes in ground transfers and transportation.

Barbados Restaurants listed by name - Find all the very best Barbados restaurants.

Cattlewash - Located on the east coast of Barbados, Cattlewash offers a splendid landscape. Enjoy fresh breezes, long beaches and rugged scenery.

Barbados Customs & Duty Free Allowances - Information on duty free allowances for residents of Britain, Canada and the US and on restricted and prohibited items brought into Barbados.

Barbados Safety Tips - Security precautions, water safety, sun & mosquito protection, illegal activities.

Barbados Jobs - Work Permits, Working in Barbados and Job Opportunities - Find out about Barbados jobs and working in Barbados including work permit requirements, employment and local job opportunities.

Maxwell Beach - Like most beaches on the south coast of Barbados, the sea at Maxwell beach is a bit lively. However the waters are still calm enough for safe swimming, even for supervised children.

Barbados Food: Cutters - Barbados cutters are sort of like sandwiches.. only much much better!

The Boatyard - Find out why a day at The Boatyard is a must-do on your Barbados vacation for both cruise visitors and those staying longer!

Barbados nightlife - nightclubs, dinner shows, romantic dining - Barbados nightlife is extremely varied offering dinner shows, romantic cruises, nightclubs, bands, concerts, fine dining and much much more!

Barbados Shopping: Craft Shops - Visit Barbados craft stores for handicrafts, pottery, art, basketry, wire work, wood carvings and much more local craft work!

Barbados Tipping - Want to know what tip to leave in Barbados? Click to get the answer. Hotels, restaurants, taxis, maids, porters, bell hops and tour guides.

Barbados Insurance Companies - Find out more the practice of insurance companies in Barbados.

Carlisle Bay Barbados - Discover this beautiful and historic harbour and bay on the west coast of Barbados. Perfect of diving and snorkeling (with many shipwrecks to see), swimming, sailing and relaxing.

Barbados Parishes - The island of Barbados is divided into 11 parishes (similar to states or provinces), each with its own unique character and special attractions.

Parish of Christ Church - One of Barbados' largest parishes, Christ Church is situated on the south-west coast of the island and offers a diverse coastline and many excellent hotels & resorts.

Parish of St. Philip - The parish of St. Philip is home to beautiful beaches and bays as well as historic sites.

Parish of St. Michael - St. Michael is home to the capital city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic Kensington Oval, beaches, potteries, rum distilleries and much more!

Parish of St. John - The east coast of St.John is dotted with beautiful bays while inland sites offer spectacular views!

Parish of St. Thomas - Located in the center of Barbados, St. Thomas is a fun-lover's dream... explore underground caves, traverse tropical gardens and a stunning gully, see local potters at work or play minigolf.

Parish of St. George - St. George is one of only two parishes in Barbados with no coastline. The lack of beaches makes it no less attractive. Here you'll find lush countryside and the remarkable Orchid World, one of the finest collections of orchids in the Caribbean.

Parish of St. Joseph - This lush parish is home to beautiful tropical gardens and spectacular landscapes.

Parish of St. James - Known as the 'platinum coast' of Barbados, St.James is a visitor's delight with beautiful beaches, excellent dining, a range of accommodation and several golf courses.

Parish of St. Andrew - One of the most lush parishes on the island, St. Andrew is located in the 'Scotland district' so named because it reminded the early settlers of Scotland.

Parish of St. Peter - Located in the north-west of Barbados, the parish of St.Peter is home to several historical sites, excellent beaches and dive spots.

Parish of St. Lucy - Welcome to the northernmost parish of Barbados! Here you'll find a beautifully rugged coastline dotted with bays.

Sandy Lane Beach - Widely known as the "Sandy Lane" beach, this stretch takes its name from the luxurious Sandy Lane Hotel which is nestled in the mahogany trees, directly on the beach.

Barbados Duty-Free Shopping: Music, Cameras and Watches - Barbados duty free shops offer an impressive range of music, electronics, cameras and watches at a fraction of the cost you would pay at home.

Cuz's Fish Stand - For the very best fish cutters in Barbados don't miss Cuz!

Barbados National Heroes - Eleven outstanding Barbadians are recognized as National Heroes for their roles in positively changing Barbados. In their honour April 28th is celebrated each year as National Heroes Day.

Barbados Airport Departures - View flights scheduled for departure from the Barbados airport.

- View flights scheduled for arrival at the Barbados airport.

Gibbes Beach - Gibbes Beach is one of the more tranquil beaches on Barbados' west coast, offering a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Post Offices - Barbados has a wide network of post offices located across the island, ensuring prompt delivery of mail islandwide.

Old Spirit Bond Mall - The Old Spirit Bond Mall is located in the capital city Bridgetown. The building dates back to the 18th century and is now home to a number of small shops.

Harry Bayley Observatory - Spend an evening star gazing in Barbados! Visit the local observatory for a chance to explore the heavens through a 16-inch Meade telescope.

Credit Cards and Travelers Cheques - See what credit cards are accepted in Barbados

Barbados Whale Watching - Whales are spotted of the coast of Barbados however there are no whale watching tours off the island.

Barbados Traditions and Culture - Learn about the intruiging cultural traditions of Barbados including the tuk band, Landship, road tennis and local festivals.

Barbados Recipes and Foods - Traditional Barbados food, dishes and rum recipes!

Barbados Supermarkets, Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets - Find the best Barbados supermarkets and grocery stores as well as local fish and farmers markets.

The Merrymen - Long before Rihanna became a worldwide sensation, a group of Barbados musicians were introducing the world to the unique sound of Barbados calypso and folk music. They were The Merrymen.

Fielding Babb - Meet Fielding Babb, one of the most talented and respected artists in Barbados.

Sharks in Barbados - Are there sharks off Barbados? There are but you're not likely to see any.

Update on the South Coast Sewerage Project - The sewage issues which have been plaguing the island for over a year have been rectified and steps are being taken to ensure that it does not reoccur.

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel - Beachfront hotel set on 11 acres with soaring palm trees and tropical gardens.

Courtyard By Marriott - The Courtyard By Marriott hotel is located directly across the road from a beautiful beach. Amenities include an outdoor pool and on-site restaurant.

Pebbles Beach - Explore this west coast Barbados beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing and watersports. And don't miss Cuz!

Barbados Honeymoons - Dreaming of a Barbados honeymoon? See what romantic options are available in our lovely Caribbean island.

Barbados All Inclusive Resorts & Holidays - Barbados offers the ultimate in all inclusive vacations, with vacation resorts paired with your choice of island activities.

Ocean Two Resort & Residences - This 4-star resort is located directly on a beautiful beach. Dip into one of the 2 outdoor swimming pools or enjoy other recreational amenities, which include a health club.

Barbados Food and Wine and Rum Festival - Enjoy delicious cuisine and cooking demonstrations from top international chefs as well as wine tastings and rum tours.

Snakes in Barbados? Not really, just the world's smallest - Are there snakes in Barbados? Actually the world's smallest snake is found here but there are few others.

Barbados rivers - Unlike many of our neighbouring Caribbean islands, Barbados does not have any real rivers as we are a relatively flat coral limestone island.

Barbados Postcards (E-cards) - Send Barbados postcards (e-cards) to family and friends featuring scenes of the island plus seasonal cards (Christmas, New Year, etc).

Barbados Gift Shops - Barbados offers a wide selection of items at duty-free prices. You are sure to find the perfect present for family and friends, or a gift for yourself as a reminder of your holiday in Barbados.

Barbados Libraries - The Barbados National Library Service includes the main library in the capital city Bridgetown and seven branch libraries located across the island.

Brandons Beach - Brandons Beach is located just on the outskirts of the capital city of Bridgetown. The waters here are very calm and this is a fantastic place to swim.

Barbados Duty-Free Shopping: Perfumes and Jewellery - Purchase the most exquisite perfumes and jewellery at a duty free store in Barbados and save as much as 50% off the price you would pay at home!

Agrofest in Barbados - an experience to remember! - Experience the excitement of a trip to the annual Agro-fest exhibition in Queen's Park, Barbados.

Barbados Rugby - Rugby was introduced to Barbados by the British. Local rugby matches are played at the historic Garrison Savannah.

Barbados Banks and ATMs/ABMs - Barbados has an extensive network of banks with ATMs conveniently located across the island.

Barbados Songs - Hear songs about Barbados and performed or written by Barbados artists.

Barbados Laws - Laws of Barbados, with special note of illegal activities that visitors should be aware of.

Barbados Crops: Vegetables, provisions, livestock, sugar and cotton - Discover which crops are commonly grown in Barbados, along with livestock and dairy farming.

Harrismith Beach - Explore this secluded beach on the south east coast of Barbados.

Belair Bay - A quiet bay where the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean roll onto sandy shores creating a white foamy surf.

Ginger Bay - Just to the east of the popular Crane Beach is beautiful Ginger Bay. Ginger Bay is much less crowded than Crane Beach and is the perfect spot for a picnic, sunbathing and beach walks.

Barbados Taxes - Learn what taxes are charged in Barbados.

Barbados Karaoke Events - See when and where karaoke are being held in Barbados.

Barbados Recipes: Cou Cou - Cou cou, served with flying fish is the national dish of Barbados. Somewhat similar to polenta or grits, Cou-cou is made with corn meal and okra.

Arlington House Museum - Arlington House Museum is an 18th century house with three floors of exhibits and interactive features.

Barbados flag - Learn about the Barbados flag and buy a Barbados flag & accessories featuring the flag.

Barbados Reggae Festival - Barbados Reggae Festival is an annual reggae showcase typically comprising of 4 massive events.

Church Village Green - Be sure to stop by Church Village Green at the eastern end of Bridgetown, a small park that is an oasis in the bustling city.

Barbados Videos - Experience the excitement of a Barbados vacation with this selection of Barbados videos showcasing our lovely beaches, fun attractions & activities and friendly people.

Radisson Aquatica Resort - Lovely beachfront resort with pool, gym, restaurant, business & meeting facilities and gift shop.

Barbados Coffee Shops - Find the best Barbados coffee shops where you can enjoy delicious coffee island style!

Barbados Cigars - Barbados cigars are manufactured at the Caribbean Cigar Company, located at Pelican Village in the capital city Bridgetown.

Barbados Webcams - Webcams give you a real-time view of our lovely island. Enjoy!

Visit to the Barbados chocolate factory - Join us as we explore the chocolate making process at the Agapey Chocolate Factory in Barbados and, of course, do some sampling!

Using Cellphones in Barbados - Traveling to Barbados and wondering if your cellphone will work or what the charges will be? Here are the answers.

Barbados... Distinctively Charming - See videos that portray just how distinctively charming the Caribbean destination Barbados is...

Mind and Body Health - Looking for relief from daily stresses, aches and pains? Just need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Barbados is fast becoming a destination of choice for those looking for a haven where they can relax while treating their mind, body and soul.

Barbados Insects - The good news is that there are no poisonous insects in Barbados. There are however, a few annoying creatures.

Barbados Waterparks - For a day of fun on and in the water head to Rascals of Barbados waterpark, the Caribbean's largest floating aqua park.

Barbados Hobie Cat Rides - Experience the thrill of sailing the Barbados coastline with a Hobie cat cruise!

Barbados Recipes: Macaroni Pie (Macaroni and Cheese) - Imagine the best macaroni and cheese you've ever had... Bajan macaroni pie is the tastiest.

Barbados Recipes: Rice and Peas - Learn the secrets of making delicious rice and peas.. the Barbados way.

Drill Hall Beach - Enjoy a variety of sea conditions including ocean pools for the kids, light surfing waves and open water for swimming.

Welches beach - Welches Beach, on the south coast of Barbados, can easily be considered one of the islands best. The waters here are very calm and the area is ideal of swimming.

Miami Beach / Enterprise Beach - Miami beach (also known as Enterprise beach) is a lovely area to enjoy a sea bath, relax in the sunshine or have a picnic!

Smitons Bay - On the north-west coast of the island is the lovely Smitons Bay, a quiet shaded beach that beckons you to stop and stay a while.

Barbados Sports Centres - Barbados sports centers welcome locals and visitors to partake in fitness and recreational activities year round and have played host to a number of international events.

Barbados Dune Buggy Tours - Looking for dune buggy tours in Barbados? Here are our recommendations.

Barbados Sky Diving - Want to go skydiving in Barbados? Here are our recommendations.

Oistins Beach - Along the south coast of Barbados, in the historic town of Oistins, is this lovely beach which in fact is two beaches separated by a jetty.

Prospect Beach - Explore this small beach on the tranquil west coast of Barbados, perfect for swimming and watersports.

Barbados Recipes: Conkies - Learn the secrets of the best Barbados conkies recipes!

Barbados Waterskiing Guide - Feel the adrenaline rush of waterskiing in the crystal-clear waters of Barbados! From beginners to advanced waterskiers will enjoy the conditions here.

West Indies Rum Distillery, Barbados - Discover where in Barbados some of the world's best rums are created, including Malibu, Cockspur and Blue Chair Bay Rum.

Barbados Books - Find the best Barbados travel guides, novels about Barbados and historical guides to the island.

Barbados Murals: Art in Paradise - Connect with the culture of Barbados as you discover the inspiring colourful murals across the island.

Palm Beach - Imagine tranquil turquoise waters, soft white sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze. That's Palm Beach, Barbados

Barbados Recipes: Pudding and Souse - Learn the secrets to making the best pudding and souse, a Barbados delicacy.

Advice for visitors re chikungunya - Steps you can take to avoid being infected with the chikungunya virus.

Weston Beach - Calm waters and shaded sands await at this Barbados beach.

Alleynes Bay - Quieter than the more popular Paynes Bay also located on the west coast, Alleynes Bay is a wonderful spot for swimming, seabathing and snorkeling.

Pierhead Beach - Wide sandy beach with tranquil waters on the west coast of Barbados.

Barbados Snow Cones (Sno-cones) - Snow cones (or sno-cones) are engrained in our culture with generation after generation drawn to this sugary icy treat! Next time you visit Barbados, look out for the snow cone man and give one a try!

Brighton Beach - For a relaxing day head to this quiet Barbados beach on the west coast of the island.

Where to Stay in Barbados - Barbados hotels, apartments, guest houses, villas and cottages.

Barbados Medical Tourism - Barbados has long been reputed for it's warm climate and the health benefits associated with relaxation and convalescence.

Santosha Barbados - Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of this amazing property with incredible ocean views, swimming pool and jacuzzi, and barbecue.

History of Bridgetown - Bridgetown is steeped in rich history, evidenced in some of the centuries old British colonial architecture which remains today.

Activities in Bridgetown - The island's capital is a center of activity, offering an experience for everyone to enjoy.

Shopping in Bridgetown - Looking for some retail therapy? Bridgetown is a shopper's paradise!

Accommodation Near Bridgetown - For those who want to be close to activities, shopping and historical sights, accommodation near to Bridgetown is the ideal choice for your Barbados holiday.

Easter Traditions In Barbados - See how Easter is celebrated in Barbados: the traditions, cuisine and local superstitions.

Barbados Batik: Art in Paradise - Discover the beautiful batik artwork and clothing created by Barbados artists.

Barbados Recipes: Fish Cakes - Learn the secrets to making the best fish cakes, a Barbados favourite.

Holetown Beach - Explore this lovely tropical beach which is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, beach walks and water sports.

Barbados Beach Guide - Don't know which Barbados beaches to visit? We guide you to the perfect one!

Barbados Adults Only Resorts and Vacations - Want to spend special time with your special someone? A Barbados adults-only vacation is the ideal escape.

Barbados Black Belly Sheep - Indigenous to Barbados, the Black Belly Sheep is considered a desirable breed.

Barbados Coconut Turnovers - Learn the secrets to making the best coconut turnovers, a Barbados favourite.

Poem: When I Am Old - When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, With a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me....

Barbados Restaurants - Vegetarian Cuisine - If you're vegetarian, vegan or you are simply looking to enjoy fresh, tasty vegetarian cuisine, why not try one of these great Barbados restaurants serving delightful vegetarian meals.

Barbados For Free: Fun, free things to do on the island! - Some people think that vacationing in Barbados is very expensive, but here are some amazing fun FREE things to enjoy on the island.

Barbados & Seaweed - Learn about how beaches in Barbados, the Caribbean and Mexico were affected by the presence of excessive amounts of Sargassum seaweed.

Serendipity - Enjoy a magnificent holiday at this unique Barbados accommodation.

Infinity on the Beach hotel - Infinity on the Beach is located on an incredible strip of white sand Caribbean beach in Dover.

Barbados - Home of Many Windmills - Barbados once had the second highest number of windmills per square mile in the world, second only to Holland which is known as the worlds famous Windmill Country.

Barbados Boutique Hotels - Barbados boutique hotels offer luxurious indulgence while remaining unpretentious and full of Caribbean charm.

Freyers Well Bay - Located on the north-west coast of Barbados, Freyers Well Bay is a small, secluded beach suitable for swimming, sea bathing, snorkeling and sunbathing.

Chase Vault - Located in the churchyard at the Christ Church Parish Church is the mysterious Chase Vault, known for its moving coffins!

Cassava Pone Recipe - Learn the secrets to making cassava pone, a sweet Barbados treat.

Medford Mahogany Craft World - Visit Medford Mahogany Craft World to see raw wood transformed by local artists into magnificent works of art and functional pieces.

Barbados By Drone - Barbados drone videos giving you an exciting and unique view of our Caribbean island.

Batts Rock Beach - Batts Rock is a designated Public Beach area and has picnic benches, shower and changing facilities, drinks machine, and a small children's playground with slides, swings, and see-saws.

Zika Virus In Barbados - Several governments have issued travel warnings for countries in which the presence of the Zika virus has been confirmed. Barbados is among these countries.

What's On In Barbados: Mobile Apps - Want to have quick and easy access to events happening in Barbados? Simply install our mobile app!

Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum - Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum is a treasure tucked away in the Barbados countryside in the northern Scotland District. Entering the museum at Springvale is like taking a step back in time.

Barbados Cotton - Discover how Barbados produces some of the world's finest cotton - West Indian Sea Island Cotton.

Barbados Budget Holidays - Barbados budget holidays are perfect for families, or those who need a break but don't want to break the bank!

Barbados Reptiles and Amphibians - Meet the various reptile and amphibian species that call Barbados home.

Green Pond - Green Pond, located in the northern parish of St.Andrew, is one the major coastal wetlands in Barbados.

Lantana Resort & Condos - Exquisite accommodation with lovely outdoor pool and spectacular terrace views.

Barbados Child-Friendly Beaches - Travelling to Barbados with children? We've selected the best child friendly beaches on the island.

Best Barbados Beach Views - Be thrilled by the most stunning beach views in Barbados.

Best Sunset Views Barbados Beaches - Enjoy watching spectacular Caribbean sunsets? We've selected the top beaches on the island where you can get the best sunset views.

Barbados Watersports - To thoroughly enjoy the crystal-clear waters surrounding Barbados, be sure to indulge in your favourite watersports, or try something new, during your vacation.

Flamboyant trees in full bloom in Barbados - Every summer, between May and September, the Barbados landscape becomes a cascade of red, orange and yellow... the Flamboyant trees are in full bloom!

Newton Slave Burial Ground - The earliest and largest undisturbed plantation slave cemetery found in the New World.

Exchange Museum - Explore the trade and monetary history of Barbados, as well as the history of free masonry on the island, at the Exchange Museum.

Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park - Visit this working rum factory for a self-guided tour and of course a sampling of their amazing rums!

Castaways Restaurant (formerly Bellinis) - Located on a Mediterranean style verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Castaways serves up a wide range of dishes in an inviting and casual setting.

Barbados - Traveling With Pets - All you need to know about vacationing in Barbados with your pet.

Top Barbados Travel Apps: Install These Before Your Trip - Be sure to install these Barbados travel apps to make the most of your vacation. Save, stay safe and have fun in Barbados.

Little Bay - Little Bay, located on the north-east coast of Barbados, is a unique spot with interesting pools, breathtaking scenery and magnificent blowholes!

Top 5 Barbados Sweet Treats - Bajans love sweet treats! Everyone can enjoy an indulgence in moderation, here are some of our favourites!

Barbados Duty Free Allowances - Information on Duty Free Allowances for residents of Britain, Canada and the US visiting Barbados.

Maycocks Bay - Explore Maycocks Bay, Barbados an idyllic unspoilt Caribbean beach on the north-west coast of the island.

Barbados Beyond The Beach - Step beyond the beautiful beaches for adventure, culinary delights, a rich heritage, partying Caribbean-style, and island romance!

Best Barbados Snorkeling Beaches - Love snorkeling or just wanting to try the experience in beauful Barbados? We've shortlisted the island's top beaches for snorkeling.

Reeds Bay - Reeds Bay is a quiet unspoiled beach where crystal clear waters gently lap along the shore.

Barbados Recipes: Jug Jug - A traditional Christmas dish made from peas and guinea corn flour.

Barbados Food Tours - One of the best ways to experience the culture of a city is through its food. You're specially invited on a delicious and fun Barbados food tour!

What to drink in Barbados - Our top picks for quenching your thirst, and lifting your spirits, in Barbados.

Travelling From Nigeria to Barbados - Traveling from Nigeria to Barbados and wondering if you need a visa? Looking for somewhere to stay? We’ve got the answers...

Barbados Airport Transfers - Book ahead for the safety and reliability of a transfer from the airport to your hotel and back.

Screw Dock - This historic dry dock used screw-lifting mechanisms to raise boats out of the water for repair in the late 19th century.

What's On In Barbados - Event Calendar - Complete calendar of events for Barbados - dining, music festivals (jazz,opera), sports, art and crafts, carnival, Crop Over and many more Barbados activities.

Barbados Pepper Sauce - Discover the secrets to creating a spicy local favourite - Bajan Pepper Sauce - or buy pre-made Barbados pepper sauce online.

Barbados Forts - Discover the fortifications that once protected Barbados from attack by colonial powers.

Barbados Music: Steel Pan / Steel Band - The melodic sounds of the steel pans blend beautifully with the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean but you may be surprised at the wide variety of genres that are played on steel pan.

Best Picnic Beaches in Barbados - Best picnic beaches in Barbados for good times with family and friends! Enjoy plenty fun and frolic or simply sit back and relax at these top picnic spots!

Barbados Area Guides - Let us guide you through the best areas, towns and districts of Barbados - where to stay, what activities to enjoy, and where to eat.

Barbados Area Guide - Rockley - A bustling area on the lively south coast of Barbados, Rockley is a hub of activity with many restaurants and shops. It is also home to one of the best beaches on the island.

Barbados Area Guide - Paynes Bay - Elegance and opulence blend seamlessly with casual local living in Paynes Bay. The area is home to some of the island's finest resorts and its most stunning restaurant.

Barbados Area Guide - De Heart Uh Barbados - Explore this charming central area of Barbados with it's natural wonders and rich cultural heritage.

Area Guide - Bathsheba - Explore this seaside village, hike along an old train line, dip in ocean pools, and enjoy ocean view dining.

Sunbury Plantation House - Explore this historic Barbados plantation great house set in the countryside.

Fast Track Arrival Service at Barbados Airport - Fast track through immigration and customs on arrival in Barbados.

Freights Bay - Explore Freights Bay, a sheltered bay nestled near the southern tip of Barbados with panoramic views and excellent surfing conditions.

Private Boat Rentals/Charters - Explore the beautiful Barbados coastline at your own pace with a private boat rental. Glide over calm, clear turquoise waters then plunge into the warm ocean to snorkel over shipwrecks and swim with sea turtles.

Bay Street Area Guide - Explore this eclectic street that blends an intriguing past with authentic local charm and progressive development.

Highland - Located in the central parish of St. Thomas, Highland sits as the 3rd highest point on the island and offers stunning views of the lush countryside towards the eastern coastline.

International Business Companies - There are several IBCs operating in Barbados, attracted here because of legislation that provides tax incentives and benefits, and because of the excellent financial services and infrastructure of the island.

Barbados Investment Opportunities - Barbados is an ideal location for reducing manufacturing & information processing costs, while taking advantage of duty-free exports to international markets and increasing profits.

International Business Managers - Barbados-based International Business Managers offer a range of corporate, administrative, financial and management services to assist international clients in setting up and maintaining their business in Barbados.

Societies with Restricted Liability - Discover the financial and operational benefits of registering as a Society with Restricted Liability in Barbados.

International Trusts - Learn the benefits of, and procedures for, establishing an International Trust in Barbados.

Trevor's Way, Barbados - A Scenic Spot - Discover this scenic oasis located on the outskirts of bustling Bridgetown.

Streams at Bath - At the northern end of Bath beach a fresh water spring cascades over boulders, forming small waterfalls and streams leading from the cliffside down to the ocean.

Chancery Lane Swamp - Explore this protected wetland area located in the south of Barbados.

Lifestyles Of The Artisan - Meet the everyday people of Barbados who fish, farm, create magnificent pottery and art, and otherwise combine their talents with dedicated work to make the island such a delightful place to live and visit.

The Coconut Marathon man explains coconut water as a sports drink - Caribbean Coconut Water helps sustain Keith on his marathon runs. Read his account of running on coconuts: Keith Cumberbatch of Barbados

Coconuts Island - Coconut Health Benefits and Nutrition - Caribbean Coconut Water and meat contain some of the best natural electrolytes. Used by runners like Keith Cumberbatch of Barbados. Says the nuts and water from the Caribbean Coconuts Islands are superior.

Coconuts Videos - How To Eat, Health Benefits, Meet The Vendors - See Barbados coconut vendors in action, learn how to eat a coconut, and discover the health benefits of coconuts.

Coconuts - Photogallery - Stunning photos of Barbados coconut trees and coconut fruits in the Caribbean

Nature Care Garden Centre - Stroll among the beautiful tropical plants and colorful foliage, and meander around the gardens and man-made lake in this serene setting.

Beaches Near The Cruise Port - If you're visiting Barbados on a cruise ship, we have selected the best beaches that are conveniently near to the cruise port.

Barbados Beaches with Lifeguards - Quickly find Barbados beaches with lifeguards. These beaches are the perfect choice if you are not a strong swimmer or if you are travelling with children.

Go Karting in Barbados - Experience the thrill of go karting at the Bushy Park's racing circuit at speeds of up to 50mph!

Barbados Walking Tours - Join a Barbados walking tour to discover the historic sites, food heritage, and hidden gems of our beautiful Caribbean island.

Barbados Bars - From upscale bars to casual beach bars and traditional rum shops, Barbados has a drinking spot for everyone!

Shark Hole Bay - Trek out to Shark Hole and you'll be rewarded with the stunning sight of this protected bay with turquoise waters and golden sands.

Duty Free Shopping - Go duty free shopping in Barbados for incredible savings on top brands and designer products.

Shopping Malls - Discover the best shopping malls in Barbados, including duty-free stores and the favourite shops of local shoppers.

Shopping Tours - Join a Barbados shopping tour to discover the best local places to shop and purchase authentic local goods as well as international brands at duty-free prices.

Heroes Square - This square in the heart of Barbados' capital city Bridgetown dates back to the early 1800's, when it was known as Trafalgar Square.

Prime Minister of Barbados - The Honourable Mia Amor Mottley - Barbados' eighth Prime Minister and the island's first ever female Prime Minister. Ms. Mottley was also the first female Attorney General and the second female Deputy Prime Minister.

Barbados Chess Events - See when and where chess tournaments are being held in Barbados.

Barbados Football Events - See when and where football events are being held in Barbados.

Barbados Art & Painting Events - See when and where painting events are being held in Barbados.

New Years Eve Fireworks in Barbados - Discover the best vantage points to view some amazing fireworks as you welcome in the new year with family and friends.

Sorrel: A Traditional Bajan Christmas Drink - A traditional Bajan favourite drink at Christmas time! Discover the recipe for this tasty yet nutritious drink.

Great Things To Do in Barbados - Much more than just the sun, sea and sand usually associated with a Caribbean island, Barbados has an incredible range of holiday activities for almost every interest and taste. In fact Barbados boasts of more attractions per square mile than any other Caribbean island!

Culture of Barbados - Today Barbados is a cosmopolitan country with a strong character of its own. It is prosperous and progressive and still full of natural charm. The people are friendly, fun loving and warm. Learn all about the friendly people of Barbados, their lifestyles, history and places of cultural interest.

People of Barbados (The Bajan) - The Caribbean is full of people who are larger than life. They fill your mind with their colourful speech, their walk, their engaging looks and their endless energy and love of life. They are children who will never grow old, no matter what their age, they insist on having fun.

National Botanical Gardens - Step into the tropical beauty and majesty of our national Botanical Gardens, located on the outskirts of the capital city.

Barbados Inflatable Rides / Tubing - Enjoy fast fun on the waters off Barbados with thrilling inflatable rides / tubing such as doughnuts and banana boats.

Barbados Efoil/ Foilboarding - Experience the thrill of a hydrofoil / efoil ride across the waves off Barbados. No surfing experience necessary.

Cove Bay - Cove Bay, located on the north-east coast of Barbados, is a lovely picnic spot where the only sounds are of powerful waves pounding against high cliffs.

Barbados Pirates - Stede Bonnet and Sam Lord - Barbados is known for two pirates of the Caribbean - Stede Bonnet and Sam Lord - both of whom had pretty unique pirating careers!

Barbados Freediving - Training and Dives - Experience the thrill of freediving off the coast of Barbados. Freediving training and dive tours.

Barbados Happy Hours - Connecting Bajans & visitors to Barbados with the best Happy Hour spots across the island.

Sea Scooter Underwater Adventures - Join an aquatic scooter tour off Barbados on an underwater adventure exploring shipwrecks and swimming with sea turtles.

King George V Memorial Park - Located in the south-eastern parish of St. Philip is this picturesque park and children's play area.

Hillcrest Community Centre - Formerly known as Bathsheba Community Centre, this site offers stunning views of the eastern coastline of Barbados.

Beachmont Community Park - Small but well-maintained park on the eastern coast of Barbados.

Joes River - Explore the scenic Joes River area with its stunning gorge, historic bridge, and incredible views.

HARP Gun - Discover this intriguing, and controversial, piece of history, testament to the incredible ingenuity and scientific curiosity of the human race.

Swimming Horses of Barbados - Head to beautiful Pebbles Beach for the remarkable experience of race horses enjoying a morning swim!

Season of Emancipation - The Season of Emancipation is a time for reflection, education, and celebration commemorating the end of slavery on the island.

Volunteer Tourism - Volunteer Tourism is a wonderful opportunity to help local communities and contribute to social or environmental projects when visiting Barbados.

Coco Hill Forest - Discover the enchanting beauty of Coco Hill Forest, an exquisite eco-friendly haven nestled in rural Barbados. Immerse yourself in nature's embrace as you explore this captivating forest sanctuary, where trails unveil breathtaking vistas.

Barbados Mangroves: Nature's Resilient Guardians - Discover the wonders of Barbados mangroves, nature's resilient guardians. Explore their unique adaptations, vital ecological role, and the diverse life they support.

Tropical Garden - Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Tropical Garden, where Barbados' natural wonders unfold in all their colourful glory.

Barbados Heritage District - A sacred endeavor, born from the profound desire to honor the past and shed light on the unyielding impact of slavery. It is a profound testament to the resilience and spirit of a nation that has endured through some of history's darkest chapters.

PEG Farm and Nature Reserve, Barbados - Discover a whole other side of Barbados, where rustic charm meets natural splendor. Hike around the area, meet the animals, explore a garden, find a cozy spot in the shade with a good book, or savor a delicious meal in the restaurant.

Exploring the Forests of Barbados: Verdant Beauty Awaits - Discover the flora, biodiversity, and captivating history of Barbados forests. Explore the natural wonders and conservation efforts on our Caribbean paradise.

Monument to the Barbadian Family - Powerful monument portraying how the Ancestral Family has allowed the Modern Barbadian Family to rise and thrive.

Unforgettable Learning Experiences in Barbados - Discover the vibrant culture of Barbados through hands-on learning experiences! Join our woodworking, batik, and cooking classes for a memorable journey into local crafts and cuisine. Unleash your creativity!

Barbados Gardens: A Botanical Oasis in the Caribbean - Immerse yourself in the lush splendor of Barbados gardens. Delve into the vibrant tapestry of tropical flora and discover as you unearth a world of beauty.

A Barbados T20 World Cup Grand Finale! - Howzat? Join us in Barbados for a cricket celebration that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for unforgettable moments! June 29th 2024 marks the climax of a thrilling T20 World Cup journey at Kensington Oval. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and electric atmosphere, Kensington Oval has a track record of delivering unforgettable moments in cricket history.

Why is Barbados so famous? - Discover what catapults our tiny nation onto the map, attracting celebrities, families, and adventurers alike? Dive into our historical contributions, and see why Barbados continues to capture the imagination of travelers worldwide.

Allstars Festival - The Allstars Festival takes center stage, promising an amazing fusion of music, comedy, and emerging talent against the enchanting backdrop of the Caribbean night sky

Sankofa Pilgrimage to Barbados - Historical ties between Barbados and Liberia will be celebrated and strengthened in May 2024, with a Back2Barbados pilgrimage to Barbados by Liberians with roots on the island. This is a story of exploitation, resilience, and the ultimate triumph of freedom.

Barbados Chatbots - Let chatbots revolutionize your travel planning to Barbados! Explore personalized accommodation, local insights, and seamless experiences tailored to your preferences. Plan your dream Barbados vacation effortlessly with these chatbot concierges!

Journey Into Barbados Caves - Embark on an unforgettable adventure beneath the island's surface, discovering hidden treasures and stunning rock formations!

Barbados Beaches Come Alive After Dark - Unleash your inner beach bum by day and party under the stars by night in Barbados! This guide unlocks Barbados' hidden gems - from vibrant beach nightlife to tranquil full-moon SUP yoga. Discover the best beach bars, stargazing, and nighttime water activities.

Dive Fest: Discover Our Underwater World! - Calling all ocean adventurers! Dive Fest Barbados is your chance to swap the sun lounger for an unforgettable underwater experience. This isn't just for scuba divers... whether you're a seasoned snorkeller, a curious first-timer, or simply a beach bum with a thirst for adventure, Dive Fest has something for everyone.

Quaw's Quest: A Beacon of Resilience - This monument stands tall, not just in stature, but in the story it tells. It's a window into the extraordinary life of an enslaved man in Barbados during the early 19th century.

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