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Little Bay

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Little Bay, located on the north-east coast of Barbados, is a unique spot with interesting pools, breathtaking scenery, intriguing sea caves, and magnificent blowholes!

Panormaic view of Little Bay taken from the clifftop, showing the tidepools and towering cliffs
Overlooking Little Bay

Set among the rugged cliffs that are typical of this part of the island, Little Bay is truly a little haven. Nature has created a small "swimming pool" carved out of the rock and this pool is safe for soaking. It's a favourite spot for locals who live nearby, and especially those with children.

A family enjoys a relaxing soak in one of the pools at Little Bay
Relaxing in the ocean pool

Beyond the rocks the waves are powerful, smashing into the rocks and creating lovely blowholes that spout high into the air.

A walk along the cliffs provides wonderful views of Little Bay, adjoining bays, and the stunning northern coastline, but be sure to wear shoes as the rocks are quite sharp. Between December and April whales can sometimes to spotted offshore as they migrate to warmer seas for the winter.

View from the clifftop with Little Bay on the right and an adjoining bay on the left
Clifftop Vista

If you are visiting Little Bay be sure to also stop in at Cove Bay, just a minute's drive away.

To discover this scenic location and others, we recommend taking an island tour.

View point on Barbados satellite map

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