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Looking for the best area to stay in Barbados? Simply select the type of vacation you are seeking below, and we'll let you know the best spots to stay on the island...

Lively Beach Vacations ››

For active and fun beach vacations in Barbados, the best areas are on the south coast of the island where lively waves create perfect conditions for all sorts of watersports such as kayaking, boogie boarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Lively beach at Rockley, Barbados

The best areas are Rockley - where you'll find excellent hotels located on or steps from lovely beaches and close to restaurants, shopping and bars - and Silver Sands for more secluded accommodation on windswept shores.

Top Picks In Rockley

Where To Stay In Silver Sands

Tranquil Beach Holidays ››

Head to the west coast of Barbados where tranquil waves gently lap golden shores. Accommodation on the west coast tends to be more expensive than the south but there is something for every budget.

Tranquil beach at Holetown, Barbados

We recommend staying in the Holetown area, where you'll find stunning beaches and a wonderful boardwalk for strolling. You'll love dining at the excellent cafes, beach bars and world-class restaurants. Holetown is right on the main bus route so you can easily get out to explore the island.

Where To Stay in Holetown

Rustic-Chic Retreats ››

The east coast of Barbados offers the ultimate escape from the stresses of life. Here you'll find a ruggedly beautiful landscape, small villages, friendly residents, and comfortable accommodation away from the crowds that frequent the west and south coasts. This is a wonderful area for hiking, exploring tropical gardens, beach walks and collecting seashells.

The rustic-chic east coast of Barbados

The Tent Bay, Bathsheba and Cattlewash areas provide an invigorating getaway... places to recharge and rejuvenate surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Our Top Picks

Elegant Escapes ››

Along the stunning west coast of Barbados is the collection of Elegant Hotels resorts & spas. These delightful hotels combine genuine Caribbean hospitality with impeccable service and facilities for the ultimate luxury island escape.

Paynes Bay, Barbados

Located in the Paynes Bay area, you are close to some of the islands' best restaurants for when you choose to dine off-site. Elegant Hotels offers a water taxi service so you can stay at one hotel yet also enjoy the beaches and facilities of the other lovely Elegant Hotels properties.

Where To Stay in Paynes Bay

Secluded Charm ››

Get away from the crowds,to locations where old world charm meets modern island living for an independent holiday escape.

Secluded Charm

The Crane area offers magnificent cliff-top accommodation, tropical beaches with lively turquoise seas, quaint dining spots, and seclusion from the bustle of other holiday makers.

Top Picks In The Area

Party Time ››

Barbados has a very vibrant music and party scene, with live entertainment and DJ music throughout the week at hopping nightclubs and bars.

Party time in Barbados

St.Lawrence Gap is the best area to stay for a vacation filled with partying. Clubs, bars and restaurant are just steps away from your accommodation. Spend your days recovering on the beach and experiencing thrilling watersports.

Where To Stay in St.Lawrence Gap

Live and Learn ››

Learn about Barbados' rich history as you visit the many excellent museums including the Barbados Museum and George Washington House, and take heritage tours of the island.

Barbados historic site

Barbados' capital city Bridgetown and its historic Garrison form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend staying here so you can stroll around the site, soaking in the history and admiring the architecture. The site is located along a stunning coastline, making for a wonderful combo vacation of heritage and beachlife.

Stay in the World Heritage Site

Gourmet Getaways ››

Barbados is known to have some of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean, with professional chefs blending international techniques and cooking styles with the freshest local ingredients. The island also takes casual dining to a new level with delicious local favourites such as macaroni pie and fresh fish enjoyed at laid-back beach bars & roadside stalls.

Barbados gourmet getaways

In and around Speightstown on the north-west coast of the island, you'll find some of the island's best restaurants. Use this as your base for exploring the culinary delights of Barbados.

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