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More About Barbados options's Seven Wonders of Barbados

Seven Wonders

Barbados has a number of sites of historical, architectural and natural interest and it is these that make Barbados special and unique!

Most people know of the Seven Wonders of the World..... now discover the Seven Wonders of Barbados during your Caribbean vacation...

Barbados Seven Wonders

Now discover Wonder number Eight in Barbados:

Take an island tour or rent a car to discover these wonders and other fascinating places in Barbados!

Discover some other wonders and well-kept secrets of Barbados!

One of the Seven Wonders of Barbados - Harrison's Cave


Other Wonders & Well-Kept Secrets of Barbados

You've discovered the seven wonders of Barbados but there's so much more to explore, see and do in Barbados! Here are some of the unique experiences, sites and activities to include on your Barbados holiday list.

  • Turtle Adventures
  • Underwater Barbados
  • Exotic Weddings
  • Historic Sites
Swim with friendly turtles in Barbados!

Here's a unique experience not to be missed! Swim with and feed the friendly turtles in Barbados!

Underwater Adventures Barbados

Explore fascinating coral reefs and underwater wrecks as you enjoy the wonders of Barbados' unique ocean life!


Experience your dream wedding in an exotic location! From tropical gardens to underground caves to seaside venues, Barbados offers a wide range of unique options for your special day.


Steeped in rich history and culture, there is an abundance of fascinating historic sites across the island. Here's a selection of some well-known sites and some well-kept secrets for you to explore!

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