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Why is Barbados so famous?

What exactly catapults our tiny nation (just 166 sq. miles) onto the map, attracting celebrities, families, and adventurers alike? Dive in to discover Barbados' historical contributions, and why Barbados continues to capture the imagination of travelers worldwide...



Rihanna, born and raised in Barbados, is one of the best-selling music artists of all time and is also a savvy entrepreneur with her own beauty cosmetics line. She's also recognized for her philanthropic efforts and activities, and in 2021 was named a National Hero of Barbados.

Sir Garfield Sobers

Sir Garfield Sobers is revered as one of cricket's greatest all-rounders with a remarkable career that boasts numerous records. His unmatched talent and sportsmanship earned him global admiration and cemented his legacy as a cricketing icon. He is a National Hero of Barbados.

Mia Mottley

The Prime Minister of Barbados has achieved admirable success in both national and international arenas. Her visionary policies include an ambitious plan to phase out the island's use of fossil fuels, widespread adoption of solar energy, and improving global financial systems.

Historical Significance

Jewel in the Crown

Barbados became known as the "Jewel in the Crown" of the British Caribbean colonies due to its economic importance. Profits from sugar production on the island contributed significantly to the British economy and growth of the British Empire.

Visit of George Washington

In 1751, George Washington journeyed to Barbados - his only trip outside of North America. While here he gathered valuable insights that would later shape his perspectives on liberty and equality, and an understanding of military strategy.

Birthplace of Rum

Barbados' perfect combination of rich soil, coral filtered water, gentle climate, and inventive locals made it the perfect spot for brewing up this spirited elixir! When you sip on rum, you're tasting a bit of Barbados history - where the magic all began.

Intriguing Places

World Heritage Site

Barbados' capital city - Bridgetown - and its adjoining Garrison is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its blend of colonial history, architecture, and town planning.

Harrison's Cave

This natural underground wonder is adorned with crystalline stalactites hanging from the roof and stalagmites emerging from the ground, complemented by running streams and stunning waterfalls.

Animal Flower Cave

Venture into a fascinating sea cave with natural pools and interesting rock formations coloured green and brown! The clifftop offers stunning coastal views and the chance to spot passing whales.

A Home To All


Visitors love lounging on Barbados' powdery white beaches, immersing themselves in our vibrant culture, and indulging in the tantalizing flavors of Bajan cuisine. Many guests return year after year, with children and grandchildren often following!


From our infectious warmth and boundless hospitality to our unwavering resilience in the face of adversity, we Bajans embody a blend of Caribbean charm and determination. With genuine warmth we welcome visitors with open arms and make them feel like family.

Here To Stay

Whether seeking a change of pace, pursuing career advancement, or simply seeking a slice of Caribbean paradise to call their own, many people choose to relocate to Barbados, embracing a life of fulfillment, opportunity, and endless adventure.

Barbados truly punches above its weight when it comes to natural beauty, culture, and global influence.

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