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Barbados Open House Programme

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Barbados architecture

A traditional Barbados chattel house

Barbados has a rich history of great houses, plantations, pirate dens and the attractive chattel house of board and shingle, sometimes with ornate trim, which were the homes to the poor. The homes of the island are some of the world's best examples of a period of architecture, dating back to the sixteen century. Rare possessions, mahogany furniture, ornaments, household artifacts, big wheeled buggies, art and sculpture decorate these homes in a unique setting of tropical color and building style. There are many heritage tours which provide a roster of visits of these unique settings.

The Open House Programme is presented each year by the Barbados National Trust and features some of the island's most historic and beautiful private homes. These lovely homes are opened one day a year with the kind permission of the owners.

Open House Programme

2020 Open House Programme
2020JANUARY22 Open House at Barbados Yacht Club
2020JANUARY29 Open House at Golden Grove House
2020FEBRUARY05 Open House at Zazen, Bathesheba, St. Joseph
2020FEBRUARY09 Open House at Nidhe Isreal Synagogue
2020FEBRUARY12 Open House at Union Hall, St. Philip
2020FEBRUARY13 Codrington School - IB Primary Years Programme OPEN HOUSE - Children 3-11yrs
2020FEBRUARY19 Open House at Forster Lodge, St. George
2020FEBRUARY26 Open House at Middle Earth, St. Joseph
2020MARCH04 Open House at San Flamingo, St. James
2020MARCH10 Codrington School - IB Diploma Programme
2020MARCH11 Open House at Colleton House, St. Peter
2020MARCH15 CANCELLED - Open House at St. Ann's Fort


George Washington House, Barbados

The Open Houses Programme is a Winter Season Tradition in Barbados presented by the Barbados National Trust (BNT).  It allows visitors and residents alike access to some of the island's loveliest houses.  Discover more about our island's diverse architecture and history.

The programme includes all types of houses - from the grand old plantation houses rich with centuries of history, to the newer, luxurious Bajan-style villas.

Grounds and gardens are part of the attraction.  Sip your rum punch in stunning tropical settings.

The BNT sets up a bazaar with books and crafts people.  Refreshments are on sale.
In addition, they provide historical and architectural information which you can take home with you at no additional cost.

At 3:15 pm, short lectures are given by the BNT's experts on heritage.  These are:

Prof Henry Fraser -
a past president of Barbados National Trust and the author of 'Historic Houses of Barbados' and 'Treasures of Barbados.'

Mr. Peter Stevens - BNT's current president.

The Barbados National Trust was founded in 1961 to preserve our unique heritage - be it historic buildings, place of natural beauty or out flora and fauna.

It's a very active Trust and was recently successful in achieving UNESCO International Heritage Site status for Bridgetown and its Garrison.

Wildey House,
St. Michael,
Tel: (246) 426-2421

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