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Why enjoy a Barbados stacation rather than traveling overseas?

Save on travel expenses and put that money into experiencing more of what the island has to offer. You'll enjoy watersports, island attractions, cultural experiences, and delicious cuisine without breaking the bank.

Support the local economy and contribute to the livelihood of fellow Bajans. By staying in local hotels, dining at restaurants, and exploring attractions, you keep the money circulating within the island.

White sands lead towards beach loungers and turquoise ocean
Your Barbados Staycation Awaits

Discover your own backyard. We often overlook the history and natural beauty in our own island while seeking it in distant destinations. A Barbados staycation gives you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our history and environment. Explore fascinating sites that you may have never visited before, and enjoy island experiences and adventures!

Reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your environmental impact by eliminating flights, enjoying a relaxing and environmentally responsible break.

Where To Staycation In Barbados?

Check the Intimate Hotels of Barbados website for staycation deals.

Follow @staycationbarbados on instagram.

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