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Top Barbados Travel Apps

Planning a trip to Barbados? These are the top apps that we use and/or are recommended by visitors to Barbados.

  • Barbados Happy Hours

    Quickly find the best happy hour spots across Barbados

    Barbados Happy Hours
  • Barbados Yellow Pages

    Businesses, directions, maps and coupons

    Barbados Yellow Pages
  • BeepCab

    Book a taxi/cab in Barbados anytime, anywhere


    Great deals on Barbados hotels, self-catering vacation rentals & guesthouses

Sites To Bookmark/Save

In addition to the travel apps, we strongly recommend bookmarking/saving these mobile-friendly sites on your phone/tablet:

BONUS: Recommended E-Book

A great guide, especially for first-time visitors to ‪Barbados‬. Our wonderful repeat guests might even find a beach, attraction or activity they've missed! Written by a Bajan.

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