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Animal Flower Cave

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The Animal Flower Cave is located at the most northerly point of Barbados in the parish of St.Lucy.

The name "Animal Flower Cave" comes from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave. Some of these pools are deep enough for you to swim in.

There are also several openings looking out to sea, offering spectacular views!

Cave opening at the Animal Flower Cave

The walls of the Cave are full of interesting formations which have been coloured green and brown by oxidation of copper and iron. See if you can spot the lizard, turtle and hand formations as you explore the cave!

Colourful formation in the Animal Flower Cave

Be sure to also stop in at the clifftop bar and restaurant... serving the best lemonade in Barbados, along with other refreshing drinks and local dishes, including a range of cutters.

Clifftop dining
Clifftop dining

There is a large children's playpark as well as stalls and stores selling local jewellery, art and crafts.

The cliffs surrounding the Cave offer spectaular views of the northern coast of Barbados where huge Atlantic waves crash against the cliffs.

Visit Animal Flower Cave

You can also hire a car or van to visit the Animal Flower Cave at your leisure.

Rent a vehicle from a local car rental company:

Rugged northern coastline of Barbados

The now famous cave has been featured in singer Billy Ocean's music videos and in the soap opera "Bold and Beautiful".

If you've hired a car, you can easily combine a visit to Animal Flower Cave with stops at Cove Bay and River Bay.

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