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Unforgettable Learning Experiences in Barbados

Discover the vibrant culture of Barbados through hands-on learning experiences! Join batik, woodworking, cooking classes, and a chocolate factory tour for a memorable journey into local crafts and cuisine. Unleash your creativity and create unforgettable memories on the island.

🎨 Batik

Batik is an intriguing art form that transforms fabric into wearable and decorative art. Through a process of wax-resist dyeing, artisans create stunning patterns and designs, each piece telling a unique visual story.

Vibrant Caribbean hues come to life in our locally crafted batik creations. Picture the tranquil blues mirroring the Caribbean waters and skies, the lush greens inspired by nature's embrace, and the fiery oranges and reds echoing tropical flowers and breathtaking sunsets.

Batik art in Barbados
Local batik art

Head to H P Batik Studio in the Barbados countryside where the very talented Henderson Reece shares his knowledge and skill in a 6 hour Batik workshop! Henderson guides you through the process of design, waxing and dyeing to create your very own batik art.

Learn more about the workshop and book your spot

🍳 Cooking

Learn how to cook like a local as you make some of our favourite dishes, including macaronie pie, breadfruit, pudding and souse, and barbequed pig tails!

Cooking ingredients

Led by a local chef, you'll receive expert guidance, unraveling the secrets of Bajan cooking - from preparation to presentation. Discover the unique flavors that define Barbadian dishes, then sit back, relax, and savor the taste of your own Bajan culinary creation.

Join the 'Cook like a Bajan' cooking class

🔨 Woodworking

Imagine crafting your very own cutting board, distinctive serving tray, or personalized coasters from raw wood! Join the Woodworking Workshops hosted by Whitehall Enterprises for an immersive DIY experience. All essential wood, materials, and safety equipment are supplied - just bring your excitement!

Plank of wood being worked on

Unlock the art of woodworking as you master proper techniques, explore the tools of the carpentry trade, and gain hands-on expertise in crafting, joining, and finishing a variety of wooden creations. Let your creativity take shape in a welcoming and well-equipped environment!

Join a woodworking workshop

🍫 Chocolate Factory

Embark on a chocolate lover's journey at Agapey Chocolate Factory as you witness the transformation from cocoa bean to indulgent bar!

You'll sample two of the key ingredients in chocolate making – sugar and cocoa beans - as well as a selection of the many flavours of chocolates produced at Agapey. The factory uses high quality cocoa beans, ethically sourced, and the very best Barbados sugar.

A selection of the chocolates made at Agapey Chocolate Factory
A selection of the chocolates made at Agapey Chocolate Factory

The owner and founder is an experienced chocolatier who clearly has a passion for all things chocolate. He's clearly explains the chocolate-making process and he's happy to answer questions along the way.

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