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Preparing The Trip: Electricity Supply & Plug Types

Barbados Electricity

Typical Barbados plug

Electricity in Barbados is 110 volts/50 cycles.

There is a reliable electricity supply, with only the occasional outage.

Standard plug types in Barbados are:

  • Flat blade (2 flat blades)
  • Flat blades with round grounding pin

If traveling from North America you should be able to use your appliances without any problems, however if travelling from UK & Europe you may need adapters and transformers. Most Barbados hotels can provide adapters and transformers for hair dryers and other appliances - please check with your Barbados accommodation to be sure.

Do you need an adapter or transformer when travelling to Barbados?

Need a travel adapter? How about this one....

Alternative energy
Most hot-water systems on the island use solar power. Increasingly businesses and residences are installing solar PV systems to reduce their electricity costs.

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