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Barbados State House (formerly Government House)

Government House Barbados

State House (formerly Government House) was built in 1702 and was the official residence of the Governor of Barbados.

When Barbados became an Independent country in 1966 the home became the residence of the Governor General. In 2021, Barbados transitioned to a Republic; at this time Government House became known as State House, the home of the President of Barbados.

State House is the venue for several goverment functions and official engagements.

The gardens and grounds at State House are quite magnificent. Tropical flowers abound in carefully laid out gardens while mature Mahogany trees and Royal Palms tower overhead. The Royal Palms are favoured by a flock of wild parrots.

State House is occasionally opened to the public as part of the Barbados National Trust's Open House Programme.

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Gardens at State House, Barbados

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