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Barbados Road Tennis

Originating in Barbados in the 1930s, road tennis is played on the streets and on courts.

It is a sport open to all. It requires no sport attire; bare feet are fine. There is nominal equipment: an 8 inch net, a tennis ball (bald is fine) and wooden paddles. With its fast, close volleys, it looks like table tennis outdoors ... without a table. The Court is the road, internationally it is played on tarmac on a 21ft by 10ft court.

Road Tennis is catching on internationally as an exciting spectator sport requiring skill and available to all. A version made popular in the western US by tennis enthusiasts, is ideal for schools, camps and parks, where 4" courts are easily set up on a tennis court, utilizing the tennis court lines. 16 people can play on a single tennis court! All equipment fits into one duffle.

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