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Barbados Area Guide - Bathsheba

About Bathsheba

Bathsheba is a quiet seaside village located on the east coast of the island. The area has long been known for its invigorating and rejuvenating nature, and as far back as the early 1900's was referred to as a "health resort". The railway line passed through Bathsheba and stopped at the small train station, bringing visitors and staycationers to the beach houses.

📷 What To Do

The long stretch of beach at Bathsheba invites you to stroll, taking in the magnificent rock formations offshore, and stopping occassionally for a refreshing dip in the natural ocean pools.

View of Bathsheba
View of Bathsheba
Rock formations off Bathsheba
Rock formations off Bathsheba

This is also a wonderful area for beachcombing, and you can quickly gather a collection of tropical seashells and sea fans. Collect a few small rocks as well, they make excellent paper weights and are a lovely reminder of your stay in Barbados and visit to Bathsheba.

Feeling adventurous? Hike the old train line from Tent Bay (at the southern end of Bathsheba) to Belleplaine. Stop for lunch at the Sand Dunes Restaurant in Belleplaine and either stroll back to Bathsheba or catch the bus.

Atlantis Railway Station
Atlantis Railway Station

Surfing in Bathsheba is a favourite activity for local and visiting surfers. The most popular spot is the "Soup Bowl ", named for the foamy surf generated as the powerful Atlantic waves reach the reefs and shore. Contact a local surf instructor for board rentals, lessons, and to act as a guide.

Surfing at Bathsheba
Surfing at Bathsheba

🍽 Where To Eat

Atlantis Restaurant - The restaurant uses fresh local products and is famous for its Barbadian buffets. Enjoy spectacular views of the rugged east coast while you dine.

Dina's Bar and Cafe - Enjoy great views of the east coast from this casual cafe serving local and international cuisine.

Round House Restaurant and Bar - Breathtaking views are complemented by a wonderful & diverse Caribbean menu that uses the freshest local ingredients.

🛌 Where To Stay

Atlantis Hotel - This stylish boutique hotel with colonial furnishings and modern amenities overlooks the spectacular Atlantic Ocean. Read more...

ECO Lifestyle Lodge - This beautiful Barbados Guest House overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is ideal for an unforgettable Caribbean vacation. Its location is also perfect for surfers. Read more...

Orange Sunrise Cottage - Lovely 2-bedroom beach house overlooking the surf, with a wonderful patio for watching the waves and relaxing. Read more...

Rest Haven Beach Cottages - Relax in the tranquil surrounding of Bathsheba seaside village. Perfect for surfers and for those who want the ultimate escape. Read more...

Round House Inn - A secluded, quiet but spirited island retreat nestled on the ruggedly beautiful east coast of Barbados. Read more...

Atlantis Hotel
Atlantis Hotel


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