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National Heroes Square

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The origins of this square, located in the heart of our capital city, can be traced back to the early 1800's. In 1813 an impressive statue of Lord Horatio Nelson was erected here to celebrate the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, when the British fleet under the leadership of Admiral Lord Nelson defeated a combined French and Spanish fleet. The area was called Trafalgar Square.

The name Trafalgar Square remained until 1999 when it was oficially changed to National Heroes Square in honour of the ten national heroes of Barbados.

National Heroes Square
National Heroes Square, Barbados

It's an intriguing place to visit. Although set in the midst of the bustling city it retains a certain reverence. In addition to the Lord Nelson statue (which remains despite the name change from Trafalgar Square), you'll find the cenotaph honouring Barbadians who died at war, and the beautiful Dolphin Fountain commemorating the introduction of piped water to Bridgetown in 1861.

Dolphin Fountain in Heroes Square
Dolphin Fountain in Heroes Square

Opposite National Heroes Square are the historic Parliament Buildings where the business of the Lower and Upper Chambers are conducted, and which house the National Heroes Gallery and the Museum of Parliament.

West Wing of Parliament
West Wing of Parliament
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