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A Caribbean Christmas - Santa in Barbados

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A Caribbean Christmas

A Caribbean Christmas

Winters sting is cold out there
So Christmas will not find me here

Christmas will be Carib style
Soca music, Del Congos drum,
Santas blackened by the sun
drinking water with their rum

Winter will be hot this year
spicy fish balls, pepperpot,
curry from the roti hut,
hot sauce dished up with an egg,
liver cutters, Baxters bread

Jug jug, cou-cou, eddoes, yams
okras cooked and turkey stuffed
Hard sauce on a christmas pud
aged with spice and flamed with rum

Winter brings me spicy fare
cooling off with cold Banks beer

No winter will not find me here,
Leaving now with my swimwear
To the pulsing of the drum
and Santas laughing with the Sun

© Ian Clayton

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