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Fishing People In Barbados

Bajan fisherman casting a net in Bathsheba

You will see them in the early morning as the sun rises and in the evenings at sunset, walking the beaches, along the tide pools casting nets onto the schools of fish swimming in the shallows.
You will see them setting fish traps in shallow waters, sitting on a rock with line and tackle and setting out to sea in colouful fishing boats.

You will see them late at night bobbing on the ocean in tiny boats, lights shining on the black water to call the fish to them.

You will see them returning to the markets in traditional, colourful fishing boats that lie low in the water under the weight of the day's catch.

You will see them repairing boats and mending nets.

You will see them in the markets and at roadside stalls selling Tuna, Shark, Red Snapper, Flying Fish, Wahoo, Barracuda and Mahi-Mahi.

They are the fisherman and women, that catch the fish and sell them in the markets. The people of the sea; descendants of the Africans, the Europeans, and the Amerindians; living close to nature in the land they love.

The annual Oistins Fish Festival, held at Easter, celebrates and honours them for their dedication and skill.

Barbados Game Fishing Operators:

Bajan fisherman strolling along the beach
Bajan fisherman strolling along the beach
No off day for these Barbados fishermen
No "off day" for these Barbados fishermen

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