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Looking to Travel to Barbados? View our COVID-19 Protocols

Come back to my island Barbados,

Come back to my island and me – The Merrymen

These simple lyrics belted out many years ago by the Merrymen still ring true today and are an apt way to show our feelings as we gladly wait to receive you back to our shores. We have reopened our borders and hearts to welcome international travellers to enjoy the sights, sounds, taste and feeling of this island gem. Come for the rest and relaxation or just work from here with the introduction of the 12-month Welcome Stamp which allows you to extend your maximum stay from 6 months to a whole year!

We’ve been designated a “Low Risk” destination but the government is taking a risk based approach to the protection of the health and wellbeing of all residents and visitors, which remains paramount. A safe and controlled approach to the reopening of the tourism sector is being implemented in a phased plan known as the “Tourism Reboot”. This has seen the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) accepting flights coming from Canada as of July 12th 2020 which many other flights making a stop here in the following weeks. In anticipation of your visit, here are some things you should know.

Covid-19 Barbados Travel Protocols

Barbados Entry Requirements

A number of protocols, restrictions and initiatives have been conceptualised and actualised to make your visit as safe and memorable as possible. Entry into the island now requires you to now walk with more than your vacation clothes in your suitcase due to some addition travel restrictions. Most notably, you will need to show documentation of a negative PCR test result. This test is to be taken within 72-hour period prior to travel to Barbados which is determined by if you are coming from a High or Low Risk Country. 

Also required is the completion of the online Embarkation/ Disembarkation card (ED card) which has personal health questions relating to COVID-19 symptoms. This form is to be completed 24 hours prior to arrival and submitted with all supporting documents. Having completed this, a bar code will be sent to you via email and must be presented in order to clear immigration. Form available here

Designated Holding Villas

See below for the currently designated Covid-19 quarantine villas in Barbados.

Assessing Risk & Travel Restrictions

At the Airport

On arrival at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) you will notice the strict COVID-19 Barbados travel protocols which are in place and must be adhered to. Hand sanitisation stations and increased signage have also been erected to help you navigate the newly implemented arrival process. There are also a number of markers on the floors and seats which will help you maintain physical distancing which is required at all times. All airport personnel will be outfitted in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and they as well as visitors must wear masks at all times in the airport.

While You are Here

Everything you’ve read and heard about the beauty of our sights, the thrilling adventures and must-see attractions are all true but you are going to find out for yourself.  You will also see that businesses and transportation now have a number of safety protocols implemented. You will find that a majority of businesses will require you to sanitize your hand before entering and will ask you to wear a mask while on or inside their environs. Physical distancing is also a must but is kept to a minimum of 1 metre.

We know your life might require you to leave; we’re sad about this but please know that you can come back at any time. You may also require another PCR test to get home, and we are happy to help. You can arrange to have your test done when you email


We want to make sure that Barbados remains a number one destination of choice for you and your family, without compromising on your safety and health. Be sure to read all of the slides carefully and we can’t wait to see you here!

Whats Next?

There really is no better place to be right now than here! So hop on the first flight heading to Barbados and be assured you will enjoy your stay.

No matter where you are from it is our pleasure to welcome you back to our shores as we have once again reopened our borders and hearts to regional and international travellers to Barbados. Following a safe and controlled approach to the reopening of the tourism sector, we have been accepting flights out of Canada, The Caribbean UK and USA since July 2020. Despite the island being rated as “Low Risk” the government is taking all precautions necessary for your protection as well as that of its residents. These protocols are reviewed bi-weekly to ensure you can come and enjoy the beautiful sights, relax on the yellow sand and swim in the clear blue waters of Barbados.

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