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Poster showing what to drink in Barbados - rum, beer, mauby, water, coconut water

1. Rum: Barbados is the birthplace of rum & there are many satisfying local blends to enjoy. Why not take a tour of a local rum factory, taste the blends and create your own custom cocktail! See available rum tours

2. Beer: Try the award-winning locally brewed Banks Beer or craft beers from DreadHop Brewing!

3. Mauby: A refreshing brew made from the bark of the Mauby tree & various spices. This is somewhat of an acquired taste as mauby can be quite bitter.

4. Coconut Water: This delicious revitalizing drink is best enjoyed from a freshly cut coconut. Tip: the soft white jelly inside is equally delicious!
Check out the amazing skills of this road-side coconut vendor:

5. Water: Naturally purified through limestone filtration, Barbados tap water is safe to drink. You’ll sometimes hear locals ask for a “Bowmanstan special”, referencing the Bowmanstan water pumping station.

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