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New Holiday Planner Launched

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Barbados launches new Visual Holiday Planner matching travelers with  hotels on personality affinity. With years of studying travelers shopping behavior, likes and choices, and fitting that back in our earlier experience with the RealHolidays matchmaker technology which we developed over several years, we have produced a fun new way to find hotels and holiday experiences based on your personality

Users of the holiday planner at are profiled based  on data gathered over years; we interpret clicks with behaviours and predict personality types which are all are part of  our proprietary matchmaker database continually fined tuned with user experience.  Over time the  database of hundreds of choices and options are aligned over 30 different personality traits and matched with a history of best choices based on experience and local expert knowledge.

See details on the website and the first video for one category..

See video and description at

So far we have compiled 6 different personalities based on our experience.
We call them the travel-cats, varying from aristocats to frugalcats, and now in this video we have gathered a collection for the independent types – the indicat.

The system displays guests profiles and allows them to modify it which all adds to fine tuning the experience. At the end the users may revert back to the the full selection and fine tune it themselves.

If our top picks do not suit the traveler’s needs, the planner will pick the next best category – in this case the authentic resorts that have lots of local character. These are the rustic cats and the accommodation is delightful.

The full planner is just a click away and you can press a few buttons to quickly change the personality settings and easily create your own very exclusive category.


Try it out at


Want a shorter list by personality try indicat | rusticat |aristocat | practicat | casualcat | frugalcat

UPDATE – Nov 24 – New Video showcases PersonaHolidays implementation as seen on

This video shows the advanced Personality matching and the hotel matchmaker in action. See latest blog

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