Barbados: Rivers

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Unlike many of our neighbouring Caribbean islands, Barbados does not have any real rivers. The other Caribbean islands are mainly volcanic in origin, a birth that led to the formation of mountainous peaks with rivers running down the mountains and through the valleys. In contrast, Barbados is a relatively flat coral limestone island.

When the first British settlers arrived in Barbados in 1627, the island was covered in thick forest and there were many more rivers, ponds, springs and swamps than exist today.

The largest river was the Constitution River in the capital city Bridgetown. It was converted into a careenage (which serves as a base for yachts and pleasure boats) and canal. There are a few smaller rivers at Joe's River, River Bay, Long Pond and Green Pond. All are small and not suitable for swimming, kayaking, etc.

Long Pond, Barbados
Long Pond, Barbados
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