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Barbados has a rich and interesting history dating back to the original inhabitants of the island through colonisation by the British and emergence as an independent nation.

Visit a local museum to learn more about our history, heritage and culture.

  • The Barbados Museum

    The Barbados Museum

    Contains many artifacts, collections and furnishings, as well as an interesting collection of rare historical maps.

  • George Washington House

    George Washington House

    Provides insights into life as it was in the Barbados when George Washington stayed here in 1751.

  • St. Nicholas Abbey

    St. Nicholas Abbey

    Built in 1658, St.Nicholas Abbey is one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced at the on-site rum distillery.

  • Sunbury Plantation House

    Sunbury Plantation House

    Step back in time to a colonial era with a visit to this traditional Barbados plantation great house.

  • Barbados 
								National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Parliament

    Barbados National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Parliament

    Discover the history of the 3rd oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth and the contributions made to Barbados by our National Heroes.

  • Arlington House Museum

    Arlington House Museum

    Housed in a restored eighteenth century building, Arlington House is an interactive three-story museum that is both educational and engaging.

  • Nidhe Israel Museum

    Nidhe Israel Museum

    Tracing the Jewish heritage of Barbados dating back to 1628. Located next to the oldest continually operating synagogue in the Western hemisphere.

  • Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

    Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

    Comprised of a historic Palladian-style home, and a modern "Heritage Village" with local crafts.

  • Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum

    Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum

    Explore the cricket history of Barbados and the West Indies.

  • Exchange Museum

    Exchange Museum

    Discover the trade and monetary history of Barbados, as well as the role of Free Masonry on the island.

  • Hutson Sugar Museum

    Hutson Sugar Museum

    A record of how sugar was produced in Barbados in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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