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Chalky Mount Potteries

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Chalky Mount is a quiet, rural village located in the parish of St. Andrew in the north-eastern part of Barbados.

Here you can watch local potters at work fashioning their wares as has been done for centuries, using clay that comes from this area. They welcome visitors and are happy to answer any questions you have.

Pottery made at Chalky Mount
Pottery made at Chalky Mount

This is a great place to purchase local pottery either for yourself or as gifts for family and friends back home.

Outside the potteries you will be treated to magnificent views of the hills and valleys, as well as the eastern coastline of the island.

See a Barbados potter at work...

Full script of interview with John Springer, master potter at Chalky Mount

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To discover this intriguing location and others in Barbados, take an island tour.
The Barbados Island Tour with Lunch includes a visit to another wonderful local pottery - Earthworks Pottery.

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