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Barbados East Coast Beaches

Rugged beauty

Tent Bay, East Coast of Barbados

On the East Coast of Barbados huge Atlantic waves crash along the shore making these beaches better suited for walking and sunning than for swimming. However there are a few good places to splash along this coast. As the waves break over rocks and reefs, small pools are formed close to shore creating natural swimming pools!

The "Soup Bowl" located at Bathsheba is the surfer's choice while the East Coast Road is a popular picnic spot.

Cattlewash offers a breathtaking landscape. With the constant washing from the Atlantic, the East Coast is the perfect place for beachcombing. You'll typically find beautiful seashells, sea-fans and driftwood along the beach. Further north is the remote Morgan Lewis beach, a popular spot for horse-riding along the beach.

To the south are numerous beautiful bays. Some of the more popular ones are Tent Bay (home to the famous Atlantis Hotel), Martin's Bay (known for its excellent seafood) and Skeete's Bay. Bath beach is one of the best along this coast for swimming and seabathing, and also has excellent picnic facilities.

The beaches

Exploring the east coast of Barbados

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Discover why a vacation on the east coast of Barbados is an invigorating and unique experience.

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