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Best Barbados Beach Views

While all Barbados beaches are beautiful and inviting, there are some truly special ones with views that you probably have only seen before on a postcard.

These are our favourite spots for stunning beach views, whether we're relaxing to the splash of tranquil turquoise waters or being awed by magnificent powerful waves.
  • Bath
  • Bathsheba
  • Batts Rock
    Batts Rock
  • Belair Bay
    Belair Bay
  • Bottom Bay
    Bottom Bay
  • Brighton
  • Browne's Beach
    Browne's Beach
  • Cattlewash
  • Conset Bay
    Conset Bay
  • Cove Bay
    Cove Bay
  • Crane
  • Enterprise
  • Foul Bay
    Foul Bay
  • Freights Bay
    Freights Bay
  • Ginger Bay
    Ginger Bay
  • Goat House Bay
    Goat House Bay
  • Harrismith
  • Little Bay
    Little Bay
  • Martins Bay
    Martins Bay
  • Maycocks Bay
    Maycocks Bay
  • Morgan Lewis
    Morgan Lewis
  • Reeds Bay
    Reeds Bay
  • River Bay
    River Bay
  • Skeete's Bay
    Skeete's Bay
  • Surfer's Point
    Surfer's Point
  • Tent Bay
    Tent Bay

Our eclectic selection of Barbados beach views takes you all over the island, from the balmy west coast where waves splash gently onto sandy shores, to the rugged east coast as the powerful Atlantic waves crash against the rocky coastline. We highly recommend that you spend some time fully exploring the island... we suspect you'll be surprised and thrilled at the diversity you'll find.

An island tour is one way to explore the island. You'll travel in comfort and in the safe hands of a local guide who will share inside knowledge of the scenic sites along the tour. If you're feeling more independent or wish to control your route and schedule then hire a car instead and explore on your own. All Barbados car hire companies provide maps and several also offer GPS.

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