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Bottom Bay

Tucked away on the south coast, past the Crane Beach and Sam Lord's Castle is Bottom Bay, a wide expansive beach with smooth rolling waves riding onto the shore.

Aerial view of Bottom Bay, Barbados
Aerial view of Bottom Bay

The beach is semi enclosed by high coral cliffs, providing a panoramic view of the south shore. The scene is completed by the presence of tall palm trees that add to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the bay.

Stunning Bottom Bay
Stunning Bottom Bay

A favourite picnic spot, Bottom Bay is also becoming a popular place to live with a number of homes are being built on top of the cliffs overlooking the beach and ocean. People who live there report spotting turtles and whales in the waters below.

Bathing here is not recommended, as the waves are very strong, and great care should be shown by those who choose to do so.

To see this beautiful location and others, take an island tour.

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View of Bottom Bay, Barbados from the clifftop
View of Bottom Bay from the clifftop
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