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Barbados' Beaches Come Alive After Dark

After a day soaking up the sun and turquoise waters, you might think the fun ends at sunset. But hold on to your flip flops, don't forget Barbados' beach nightlife!
Toes in the sand, cool drink in hand, and the rhythm of live music or a beach party fills the air. Sound tempting? Let's see how our beaches transform into after-dark playgrounds...

Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show!

By day, Brownes Beach is all sunshine and calm turquoise seas with beachgoers chilling on loungers, snorkeling over shipwrecks, and swimming alongside majestic sea turtles. When the sun dips low, Harbour Lights nightclub kicks things up a notch with their legendary beachside dinner show that'll have you saying "wow"!

Scenes from the dinner show with dancers
Good times at Harbour Lights dinner show!

Live music gets your feet tapping in the sand, fire-eaters add some sizzling heat (literally!), and a talented crew of limbo dancers, stilt walkers and other performers keep the energy high. Savour delicious barbecue and sides, sip on unlimited drinks from the open bar, then head onto the dance floor to join in the fun!

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Beach Bars

Barbados beach bars come alive as the sun dips low, transforming into the coolest spots to unwind after a day of fun. Forget stuffy indoor bars - beach bars offer open-air vibes, the sound of lapping waves, and breathtaking ocean views as your backdrop. Plus, many have epic sunset happy hour deals, so raise a toast to paradise with delicious cocktails or frosty local beers at amazing prices.

Cocktails in the foreground with beach and sea in the background
Cheers to sunset Happy Hours!

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On And Under Water!

Submarine Night Tour: Unveil the secrets of the underwater world after dark! Witness nocturnal marine life emerge from the shadows as you hover over illuminated coral reefs. 🐟 Check rates and availability.

Kayaking At Sunset: Soak up the last of the day's rays and enjoy the cooling ocean breeze as you kayak along the island's tranquil west coast. 🛶 Join a sunset kayak tour.

Full Moon Yoga: Join a yoga instructor for a stand-up paddleboard yoga session under a full moon. The calm waters allow you to focus on balance, core strength, and flexibility while embracing the tranquil atmosphere. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Contact a local yoga instructor.

Collage of kayaking at sunset, a turtle swimming underwater, and a lady doing yoga under a full moon
Ocean fun continues when the sun sets!

Goodbye Sun, Hello Stars

With minimal light pollution, Barbados beaches are ideal spots for gazing at the night sky, with many stars and constellations visible with the naked eye. Download an app to your phone for assistance with identifying the stars and planets you spot.

View of the night sky with full mooon and stars, taken from the beach
Full Moon and Stars!

As a bonus, you can visit the local observatory on Friday nights to observe planets and deep-sky objects through a powerful telescope.

Moonlight Movies on the Beach

Some hotels, such as Coconut Court Beach Hotel, show movies on the beach for their guests! Sink your toes into the soft sand and settle in for a classic film or a recent blockbuster. With a large outdoor screen set up right on the beach, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore provides the perfect soundtrack to your open-air cinema experience.

See The Turtle Hatchlings

Baby sea turtles often emerge from the buried eggs during the day. These turtle hatchlings are carefully collected by the Barbados Sea Turtle Project and kept safe until sunset when they are released. This greatly improves their chances of survival, as a sunset/night release offers protection from several predators and from the scorching sun.

This is truly an inspiring experience, and one much loved by children. Check the Sea Turtle Project facebook page for releases.

Safety Tips

✓ avoid remote beaches, sticking to well-lit areas instead
✓ dress casually but bring extra clothing in case it gets rainy/chilly
✓ mosquitoes love dusk time, so bring some repellent
✓ have a designated driver if consuming alcohol

🛑 What NOT to do

While it may be appealing to have a beach bash with a crackling bonfire painting the sand with a warm glow, the lighting of fires on the beach in Barbados is illegal without a permit from the National Conservation Commission. One reason for this is that beach fires can kill incubating turtle eggs and hatchlings, and injure nesting female turtles.

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