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Brighton Beach

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Often times it is hard to tell where one Barbados beach officially begins and another ends. Such is the case with Brighton beach and the adjoining Brandons beach. Nonetheless, both are beautiful spots to sunbathe, swim and simply relax.

Brighton Beach

Brighton is the northernmost of the two beaches and can be easily accessed from the Spring Garden Highway. There is a large parking lot at Brandons - park there and then stroll north along the beach.

Brighton is typically quieter than Brandons so if you enjoy being away from the hustle & bustle of a busy beach then this is the perfect spot for you. The calm, clear turquoise waters lap gently onto the shore inviting you in for a refreshing soak. There are some inshore reefs but lots of sea bathing areas with a sandy bottom.

The wide soft-sand beach is lined with mature trees. As you relax at Brighton you'll likely see the colourful catamarans out to sea heading down the coast.

If you are visiting Barbados by cruise ship, then Brighton is the perfect spot to spend the day as it is a short stroll from the port where cruise ships dock.

At the northern end of the beach is the "Hot Pot", an inlet of hot water that is a favourite spot for many locals. However, great care should be taken bathing here as there are strong currents and undertow.

Get a refreshing drink or lunch at Weisers on Brandons beach, or pack your own picnic to enjoy on the beach!


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