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Mount Gay Rum Distillery & Visitors Centre

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Mount Gay Rum is as an iconic embodiment of the island's rich history and vibrant culture. With roots dating back to 1703, it proudly boasts the title of the world's oldest commercial rum distillery, crafting a legacy that transcends time. The brand is a symbol of Barbadian identity and global appreciation for quality spirits.

Guided tours of the Distillery offer an intimate look at the rum-making process, while the Visitor Centre is a wonderful introduction to their spirits with tastings.

Mount Gay Visitor Centre

Rum-loving visitors are invited to the Visitor Centre for fun-filled tours that immerse you in all things Mount Gay! Take a captivating journey into the world of rum-making and the rich history of the island, enjoy tastings of signature rums, and craft your very own cocktails!

Located just a short stroll from the cruise port, this is a great activity if your cruise stops in Barbados.

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Mount Gay Distillery

Journey through centuries of craftsmanship at the historic Mount Gay Distillery, nestled in the Barbados countryside. The distillery blends tradition with innovation, as age-old copper pot stills share the space with modern facilities dedicated to producing a spectrum of exquisite rums.

After a welcome drink, you'll explore the grounds of the sugar estate, and tour the distilling house and aging bonds as you witness firsthand the transformation of sugarcane into rum, the golden elixir that has enchanted palates for generations!

Learn how local water from an artesian well, filtered by the island's limestone, combines with the finest molasses from Barbadian and Caribbean sugarcane, to create the unique flavours of Mount Gay Rum.

Of course, no distillery visit would be complete without some rum tastings! From the fiery intensity of the Eclipse expression to the complex depth of the XO Reserve, each sip is a voyage into Barbados' past and an invitation to savor the present moment.

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