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Located on the East Coast of Barbados, Cattlewash offers a splendid landscape, with miles of beach to explore while enjoying fresh breezes off the Atlantic Ocean.

Cattlewash beach
Cattlewash beach

The area is a very popular get-away spot for Barbadians, especially during the summer months. Although it is a very scenic and relaxing area, there are strong currents in the area so swimming in open water is not recommended. There are however many natural pools, surrounded by rocks where you can bathe safely.

Cattlewash is perfect for beach walks; you can head south to check out the surfers at Bathsheba, or walk north towards Morgan Lewis beach.

Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under the Casuarina trees at Barclays Park, or enjoy a delicious local lunch at Sand Dunes restaurant at the northern end of the east coast road.

Cattlewash is said to have derived its name from the cattle wading into the sea there! These days thankfully there are no cattle around.


A vacation on the east coast of Barbados is truly an invigorating and unique experience! Click here to discover more....

Looming over Cattlewash is a magnificent rock formation known locally as the 'sleeping giant'!

The 'sleeping giant'
The 'sleeping giant'

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