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Barbados Sea Scooter Underwater Adventures

Join an aquatic scooter tour off Barbados on an underwater adventure exploring shipwrecks and swimming with sea turtles.

Sea Scooter

Enjoy Barbados' underwater world like never before with lightweight sea scooters that propel you through our warm, clear waters, allowing you to go further and explore more than on a traditional snorkel or scuba experience.

Travelling more efficiently underwater saves you energy as you are transported across tropical underwater landscapes, exploring shipwrecks teeming with colorful fish, sea horses, turtles, and other marine life.

Special offer Enjoy swimming with turtles and exploring fascinating shipwrecks on this undersea adventure!

Save time & money: You won't find it cheaper online or anywhere else.

Don't be disappointed: Book ahead to guarantee you don't miss out on the best tours & activities.


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