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Barbados Efoil / Foilboarding

Experience the thrill of a hydrofoil / efoil ride across the waves off Barbados. No surfing experience necessary!

Efoiling on the water

The efoil's electric propeller creates all the forward momentum you need for the unique feeling of flying over the water! Or go the manual route, pumping with your legs to keep the board in motion.

The tranquil west coast of the island is best if you're now starting out, while the more lively south coast is a fantastic spot to challenge yourself with small to medium waves.

Special offer Experience this exciting new water sport in Barbados with a private Efoil Experience including board rental and instruction.

Save time & money: You won't find it cheaper online or anywhere else.

Don't be disappointed: Book ahead to guarantee you don't miss out on the best tours & activities.


Safety Tips

  • Listen carefully to the instructional and safety tips given by the instructor.
  • Keep your life jacket on while out on the water.
Hydrofoil Surfing

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