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Barbados Snorkeling

Snorkeling In Barbados

Barbados Snorkeling

Barbados' blue, crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, with visibility between 40 to 70 feet for most of the year. There is plenty to see with a diverse range of dive sites and underwater scenery.

Snorkeling adventures will take you to beautiful sites which reveal a number of unique and interesting features including a variety of tropical fish and turtles, stingrays, mantarays, barracudas and colorful coral formations. Brain, coponation, staghorn, forganian and sea fans are amongst the numerous types of coral to be found.

The calm waters along the western coastline especially, are perfect for snorkeling, so you don't have to go far beneath the waves to explore the amazing ocean terrain that is home to unique ocean life such as flat coral reefs, sea fans, barrel sponges, an array of tropical fish species, and much more.


Must-Visit Beaches for Snorkeling

To make the most of your snorkeling adventures on the island, see our pick of Best Barbados Snorkeling Beaches.

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