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Weston Beach

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The west coast of Barbados is dotted with beautiful beaches and bays, and Weston is no exception!

Weston Beach
Weston Beach

The waters at Weston are very calm, making is a wonderful spot for swimming and for taking the entire family (note though that there is no lifeguard). The beach is quite wide and shaded with palms and other trees.

At the southern side of the beach there are shallow inshore reefs where you can snorkel with small tropical fish.

As there are no hotels, just a handful of vacation rentals, at Weston the beach is usually very quiet. It is popular with locals who live nearby, especially in the early morning and late afternoon. Weston is a lovely spot to watch the sun set on another wonderful island day.

Weston beach adjoins a small fishing village, and you're likely to see the local fishermen bringing in the day's catch in their colourful boats. If you're staying at a self-catering rental pick up some fresh fish for the night's dinner.

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Weston beach is located to the north of Alleyne Bay and south of Reeds Bay. Park at John Moore's Bar and walk south. The beach can also be easily accessed by public transportation as it on along the main west coast bus route.

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