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Worthing Beach

Located on the south coast of Barbados is the beautiful white sandy beach of Worthing. The sea in this area offers a multitude of delights for all sea lovers!

A gorgeous day at Worthing Beach
Another gorgeous day at Worthing Beach

Just off-shore within swimming distance is an interesting coral reef to discover, filled with tropical fish. On the inside of this reef the swimming is extremely safe, the calm waters make it especially good for children and beginner-swimmers, as the depth of the water varies from approximately 2 - 6ft.

As one walks in a westerly direction along Worthing Beach, the sea becomes more lively and deep. This expanse of beach-area has something exciting to offer everyone! Whatever your heart desires .... it is waiting for you!

You can rent a beach chair and umbrella for the day, or if you're feeling more adventurous hop on a kayak and admire the beach from out at sea!

Relaxing at Worthing Beach
Relaxing at Worthing Beach

There are a couple of beachfront restaurants to choose from, serving up beer and rum punch all day long as well as delightful menus including local dishes such as flying fish and fish cakes - Crystal Waters and Coast Bar and Lounge are 2 favourites.

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