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St.Lawrence Bay

The bay, also known as 'Little Bay', is located at the at the entrance to the popular St.Lawrence Gap, on the south coast of the island.


The sea is exceptionally shallow at low tide and you can walk out a long way while the water barely reaches your knees! The reef which borders and protects the bay is an interesting place to snorkel, with unique rock formations and schools of tropical fish. In fact, the area is popular for a number of watersports and you can often spot windsurfers, kayakers, and even the occassional kitesurfer!

Tutles also love this bay and you'll frequently see them surfacing for air or swimming alongside the waterfront restaurant hoping for a few treats!

The bay is bordered by a number of fine restaurants from which patrons can enjoy this glorious view, which is particularly romantic at night.


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St.Lawrence Bay, Barbados

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