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Barbados Inflatable Rides / Tubing

Enjoy fast fun on the waters off Barbados with thrilling inflatable rides such as doughnuts and banana boats! This popular watersports activity can be enjoyed on both the west and south coasts of the island.

Inflatable ride on the west coast of Barbados
Inflatable ride on the west coast of Barbados

Join the excitement of being towed at great speeds by experienced speedboat operators, challenged to stay onboard as you're bounced over the waves! See how much air you can get without getting knocked off!

Some watersports operators offer couch-style towables, while others use banana boats or donut rings. All are exhilarating rides that will thrill the entire family.

If you prefer a less dramatic ride just let the operators know and they'll adjust to suit. The calm seas off Barbados are perfect for a smooth glide across the water as you enjoy views of the coastline and crystal clear waters. You might even spot a sea turtle or two!

Special offer Enjoy a thrilling 30 minute inflatable ride along the south coast of Barbados!

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Tubing off Barbados

Safety Tips

  • Listen carefully to the instructional and safety tips given by the watersports crew.
  • Keep your life jacket on while out on the water.
  • Let a crew member know immediately if you are having any difficulties.

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