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New Years Eve Fireworks in Barbados

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Every year the skies come alive as the new year approaches, with beautiful displays of fireworks across Barbados!

Have you ever wondered where fireworks originated? In 6th century China fireworks were made from a paper or bamboo tube, filled with sulfur and charcoal. When ignited, the tubes produced a flash of fire and smoke, but no explosion. 2000 years later the ‘Crackle-Bang-Pop’ sounds can be heard as a riot of colors bombard the skies in aesthetic designs. For those who do not know, fireworks are a class of low explosive devices used for celebratory and entertainment purposes. They are most commonly presented in a fireworks display of loud popping noises, colors and smoke which light up the sky in colorful explosions. 

In Barbados, fireworks are not sold to the general public due to their dangerous nature. If used incorrectly, they can be extremely harmful both to persons or property. Air traffic regulations and the government of Barbados have prohibited individuals from bringing and using fireworks in the island. There are exceptions. That is, authorized organizations such as Caribe Fire FX who provide fireworks display services are allowed to import and use fireworks in Barbados. 

Fireworks displays are usually used on New Years Eve or at special events like major concerts, lavish weddings and often during the Crop Over season. 

If you want to view fireworks on New Years Eve, you should check out these locations to secure your spot.

  • Sandy Lane Hotel –  A luxury resort in Holetown, Sandy Lane is world-famous for its peaceful setting and first class service. There are always fireworks at the climax of their annual New Years Eve cocktail party.  
  • 1st street, Holetown – Situated in St. James, Holetown is one of Barbados’ four towns. Holetown is the cornucopia for nightlife on the West coast, with a diverse mix of restaurants, clubs and Limegrove Lifestyle Center. You can be sure to find plenty New Years Eve parties in Holetown to watch the fireworks. 
  • Hilton Barbados Resort is a five-star hotel on the outskirts of Bridgetown. Floods of locals and visitors flock the beach outside of Hilton to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve. To secure your spot you should arrive early in the evening, otherwise you risk getting stuck in traffic or not getting a good vantage point. 
  • Hastings boardwalk – The boardwalk stretches along the south coast for 1.6km between Camelot and Accra beach. Perfect for a romantic walk, families and is wheelchair and stroller accessible. 
  • Beaches on the South-West Coast – Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and reserve your front row experience to see the fireworks. Beaches such as Brownes Beach and Brandons Beach.
  • St Lawrence Gap – Also known as ‘The Gap’, can be considered the entertainment capital of Barbados. Home to many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Guaranteed, The Gap will come alive with fireworks on New Years Eve.

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