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Barbados Boardwalk

Route 1: Camelot to Tapas

  • Welcome

    coastal zone development- boardwalk view from bandstand
    The Barbados Boardwalk on the south coast of the island was created admid some debate.

    There were some concerns about the environmental impact on habitat, reefs and beaches, as well as the affect on homeowners along the proposed site. Several changes were made including making the boardwalk a few hundred yards shorter than planned.

    The end result is admired by Bajans and visitors who enjoy the new walk by the ocean. It is the first Barbados Boardwalk by the sea, complete with panoramas, seats and retreats.

    All ages and abilities use it. There are joggers, fast walkers, strollers, talkers and quiet people, wheelchairs, blind people, seniors, teenagers and babies in prams. The ambiance is friendly and respectful.

    Blending with the natural beauty, it is a solid structure set deep into the sand and bolstered with granite rocks. It looks like it is here to stay!
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  • Western Entrance

    Pools at the western entrance to the boardwalk.
    At the western entrance the coconut-lined shores turn to soft white sand leading to lovely shallow pools, popular with families as both the old and young can splash in the calm waters.

    Benches overlooking these pools invite you to relax and watch the sun set.

    Here you'll also find Camelot an original home much refurbished by a leading architect, in his unique design with finishes inspired by the Barbados Chattel House.

    See how these beaches were built...
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  • Shrubs and Plants

    Shrubs along the Barbados south coast boardwalk

    Much of the boardwalk is lined with tropical plants and shrubs.

    Hardy shrubs are intermingled with flowering plants, adding to the overall beauty.

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  • Private Homes

    homes along the boardwalk

    Past South Ocean are a couple of private homes. Most are owner occupied and they too had misgivings and some still worry about the crowds.

    Few can fault the work and the construction. The boardwalk has enhanced many a property with more beaches and greater water access.

    Stay in a vacation condo at South Ocean Villas to enjoy stunning ocean views and direct access to the boardwalk.
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  • Heritage House

    heritage homes by the barbados boardwalk

    A heritage house sits behind this wall.

    The old wall still stands protecting the heritage home: a sculpture in coral stone, brick, concrete and mortar, aged by nature, and growing things.

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  • A Fresco of Creams and Grays

    historic Barbados National Trust house, walled off from the boardwalk

    It is a fresco of subtle creams and grays, textured and patched with pink and green. Many hands have made this piece of art.

    It cannot be replaced with a more modern structure. It is protected by the Barbados National Trust and must be repaired in keeping with its look and heritage: a mixed bag of brick, coral stone, granite, motor and cement.

    Painted and bare, eroded and rustic - an original!

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  • Iron Bars

    Historic slave holding area along the Barbados boardwalk

    Iron bars set in thick stone:
    A secure shed under a bougainvillea roof,
    perhaps a pantry? - Not so.

    For an infamous time in its varied history, this was a slave holding area.

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  • Along The Way

    walking along the south coast boardwalk

    The boardwalk stretches 1.6 km between Camelot and the famous Barbados Accra beach.

    It takes you past history - wind, sand, sea and salt.
    Past restaurants, hotels, beach bars and places to sit and stare.

    Waves, wind and chatter, humming as you go.
    People smile and share.

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  • Jetties

    boardwalk jetties

    Past jetties build into the sea, cool and invigorating in a strong wind.

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  • Hastings Rocks

    past the police band stand

    Past new sandy beaches leading to the old police band stand at the Hastings Rocks. The Barbados police band, which has published several excellent CDs, still plays music here on occasions. Hastings Rocks is also a favourite venue for fairs and get togethers.

    Massive concrete blocks hold the hard wood walkway. Below them and under the sand granite boulders from Canada secure the footing.

    Built to withstand a hurricane, this walkway is meant to last.

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  • Trees and Plants

    past boardwalk trees and planters

    Past trees preserved and some added, planters made with coral stone and filled with earth, edging sand.

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  • Beaches, Sea and Reefs

    Past beaches, sea and inshore reefs. Past tidal pools in the low tide.

    Past school children skipping rocks in their seaside playground

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  • Places to Stop

    past boardwalk seats to rest

    Past places to stop, to sit and stare,
    to feel the cool sea spray,
    like a tonic on your face.

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  • Hotels and Restaurants

    boardwalk bars and restaurants

    Past hotels and gourmet restaurants,
    and many more to come!

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  • Fine Dining!

    fine dining on the boardwalk

    Tapas Restaurant faces directly onto a boardwalk with tables set permanently on the patio; the European style of pavement dining.

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    Good because there's lots more to see!

    Next is the Tapas Restaurant to KFC route
    - with a fisherman and his dog, inshore pools and reefs and the main Boardwalk Promenade! Let's go!

    Then we'll hit the skip ahead to Accra Beach and, with the sun at our backs, make our way back to KFC! Jump ahead!

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Questions People Usually Ask

What is the famous boardwalk in Barbados?

The Richard Haynes boardwalk along the southern coastline is the island's most famous boardwalk. In addition, there are smaller boardwalks on the west coast and in the capital city Bridgetown.

How long is the boardwalk in Barbados? / How long is Hastings boardwalk?

The south coast boardwalk in Hastings is approx. 1 mile (1.6 km) long.

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