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Barbados Boardwalk

Route 3: Accra to KFC

  • Walking the Boardwalk

    Accra beach
    Start at either the western (Camelot) or eastern (Accra) end... or anywhere in between!

    If you are an early morning walker, walking from Accra will have the sun at your back and is best for taking pictures on the first leg but not on the return.

    For a sunset view, walk from Camelot and you will return looking at the sunset rather than returning in the dark. Time it so you start before 5pm, walk briskly and return leisurely to the setting sun. Sunsets are about 6pm in winter and approximately 30 minutes later in summer.

    Walking fast will take about 11 minutes one way, expect 20 minutes for a stroll.

    To see the sunrise, again Camelot is best as you will be walking into the sunrise and returning with the sun on your back. Just right for picture taking and avoiding sun in your eyes.

    Walking The Barbados Boardwalk in 2020 visit our blog for the latest updates and speed walking video.
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  • Accra Beach

    accra beach boardwalk
    Where ever you start, Accra beach will be a port of call. Accra is one of Barbados' most popular beaches, deep and long with good shade and a lot of activity.

    Across the road is Chefette, Barbados answer to McDonalds. Here you can get a curry served in a sort of wrap - called a Roti - or more traditional favourites like burgers, pizza and chicken sandwiches.

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  • Accra Beach Hotel

    accra beach hotel

    Accra Beach Hotel is close to the boardwalk on the north of the beach. It has a sunken swimming pool and a swim up bar. It's a popular 4 star hotel with several restaurants and conference facilities. Prices are reasonable.

    Book and save at Accra Beach Hotel.
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  • Champers

    champers restauarant at accra beach
    At the south end of the beach, a few hundred yards from the boardwalk, is Champers. Considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Barbados, Champers also has an excellent art gallery showcasing colourful Caribbean Art.

    It is a lovely space with an excellent view and 5 star dining.
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  • Swimming and Snorkeling

    start of boardwalk at accra

    On the walk with the sun behind, the horizon is clear and the sea a deep blue.

    There is usually some wave action at Accra which makes it good for body surfing. Swimming at Accra is excellent.

    The large offshore reef, about 100 yards out to sea, is habitat to many variety of fish. Bring along your goggles!

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  • Magic Isle Apartments

    magic isle on the barbados boardwalk

    The first property at the start of the boardwalk and next to Accra Beach Hotel is Magic Isle Apartments. It offers one and two bedroom apartments at rates of under US$200 for four people in the two bedroom.

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  • Commercial Centre

    almond trees on the boardwalk

    The boardwalk from Accra travels close to established buildings, restaurants and hotels. There are mature almond trees that shade the walk as you start.

    The first point of interest is a small commercial centre with restaurants and boutiques.

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  • Lots To Do!

    restaurants and boutiques on the boardwalk
    The commercial center is on the road side, behind Almond Bay.

    Here you can get Jamaica Jerk Chicken, that is as good as it is in Jamaica. That's because the owners are Jamaican!

    Bistro Monet a small bistro serving tasty fare. Gelato Ice creams are also available in this area.

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  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

    boardwalk mirror

    The mirror before this restaurant is actually a window in the Pearl dining room!

    Be warned, before you adjust apparels and apparatus - you may be being watched. Diners apparently enjoy the show.

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  • Harlequin Resorts (old Allamanda Beach Hotel)

    Harlequin Resorts are in the process of refurbishing the old Allamanda Beach Hotel which boasts an amazing location right on the boardwalk.

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  • Gardeners at Work

    boardwalk gardening

    Gardeners take care of the new planting on the promenades.

    Looking at this now it's hard to believe that the grass is growing where the the sea was a while ago!

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  • Local Fishing Boats

    fishing boats off the boardwalk

    You will see local fishing boats going out to sea in the morning and returning in the late afternoon.

    Local boats are not allowed to fish in the inside reef - some will drop nets outside of the reef and encircle fish. Its a old fashioned way, men jump into the water and herd the fish into the nets, then jump back in to pull in the net and fish.

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  • A Pram Brigade

    pushing prams on the boardwalk

    A pram brigade passing KFC, These mums walk fast and do several laps of the boardwalk. They passed me several times, I move slow with a camera: Excuses! going to get in shape soon!

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  • Looking West

    palm trees on the boardwalk
    Looking west to Tapas from KFC.
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  • We've Reached The End!

    sunsetting at the band stand
    If you joined us at the western end of the boardwalk at Camelot then you've completed the trip!
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