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More About the Barbados Boardwalk

Barbados Boardwalk

Route 2: Tapas to KFC

  • Rain and Clouds

    net fisherman off the boardwalk

    In all kinds of weather. Rain and clouds create another world of effect and feeling.

    In the distance behind us dark rain clouds hide the sun, it gleams through and lights the sea with a magic effect.

    A fisherman is about to cast his net.
    His dog digs for crabs in the sand.

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  • Fisherman and Dog

    a catch of fry by the boardwalk

    Catch is bucketed, the dog still digs.

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  • Into the silver light

    off under a silver cloud

    Dog and man move with the catch into the silver light.

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  • Rain Brings Fish

    all sorts of weather on the boardwalk

    Another fisherman casts a line, 'rain brings fish' they say.

    The weather changes quickly in Barbados. Today there are scattered showers as storm clouds from the Atlantic move overhead. Soon they will be gone and it will be sunny again - see a sunny day picture.

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  • Rock and Wood Gleam

    rock and wood gleam

    Looking back (just before KFC) . Rock and wood gleam in the mottled light.

    In the distance are the South Ocean Condos.

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  • The Main Promenade

    The main boardwalk promenade

    The main Boardwalk Promenade juts out 100 feet to the sea. It is landscaped with palms and crazy stones with many places to sit.

    It's right in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, tempting to pick up a snack box and eat by the sea.

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  • Playground


    Previously on the edge of an inshore reef, KFC now has a playground at its door and an endless tide of people stopping by.

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  • Friendly and Relaxed


    Boys pose for a family who thinks they are brothers.
    People are friendly and relaxed.

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  • The Main Jetty

    From the main jetty in front of KFC one can see right to Accra beach at the end of the boardwalk.
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  • Inshore Pools and Reefs

    Inshore pool

    Along the boardwalk there are many inshore pools and reefs, as well as man made reefs and groins.

    Beaches and places to dip, swim and relax.

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  • Tidepools


    Remnants of inshore reef systems -bolstered with new groins to build up beaches.

    At low tide, tide-pools trap fish and sea. Sea cats (small octopus) hide here and are much sought after by local fishermen. Walk early to catch the action!

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  • Looking back

    looking back to Tapas Restaurant

    Looking back from KFC (to Tapas Restaurant)

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  • Not tired yet?

    time for a cooling drink
    Good because there's lots more to see!

    Let's skip ahead to Accra Beach and, with the sun at our backs, make our way back to KFC! Let's go!

    If you're ready to turn back, we can retrace our steps from the western end of the boardwalk at Camelot!

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Barbados south coast boardwalk
Photo by Barbados Aerial Photography

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