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Explore Barbados On Horseback!

Local riding centres offer a variety of trail rides and exciting scenic rides along the beach for those with any level of experience.

Most Barbados horse riding centers keep their groups small, so you don't feel overcrowded and you can have lots of individual attention if you need it.

Beaches And Trails

The east coast of Barbados is ideal for horse riding, with scenic views, miles of coastline and cooling tradewind breezes.

The west coast offers more tranquil, but equally beautiful beaches. These beaches are very close to the cruise terminal so this is a good choice if you're visiting the island for the day as part of a Caribbean cruise.

A horse ride through the Barbados countryside shows off the lush tropical beauty of the island and takes you to spots not seen on the usual island tours & safari!

Horse riding on a Barbados beach

Other Services

In addition to horse riding guides, other services such as show jumping, dressage, riding therapy for the disabled, and private riding lessons are available in Barbados.

Barbados Riding Tips

  • Let the guides know of your riding ability & experience
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing; preferably long pants
  • Wear good shoes; preferably sneakers; no slippers
  • Use sunblock and bring along your sunglasses
  • Bring your camera

Swimming Horses

For an upclose experience with Barbados' racehorses, join them for a sunrise swim!

Racehorses swimming at Pebbles Beach
Sunrise Swim With Barbados Racehorses
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