Bridgetown Boardwalk

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Boats in the careenage

The Bridgetown Boardwalk (officially called the Wickham Lewis Boardwalk) runs east-west along the waterfront through the capital city of Bridgetown.

At the western end of the Bridgetown Boardwalk is a small park which celebrates Barbados' maritime heritage complete with cannon and posters showing interesting facts about Barbados pirates!

A stroll along the boardwalk reveals a number of sailing vessels docked in the careenage (when not at sea!) including yachts, charter fishing boats, catamarans and the famous Jolly Roger pirate ship!

Bridgetown boardwalk lit in blue and gold!

Benches are conveniently located along the Bridgetown Boardwalk and these are a great place to enjoy the view as you watch the boats heading in and out. The sunset views are also quite spectacular!

During the month of November - when Barbados celebrates its Independence - the antique lamp posts along the boardwalk are lit in the national colours - blue and gold. As Christmas approaches the lighting is changed to seasonal colours such as red and green, or red and gold.

At the eastern end of the Boardwalk is a lift bridge called the Chamberlain Bridge that permits entry into the inner basin of the Careenage. The bridge also leads into Independence Square, a park that serves as a quiet oasis in the bustling capital city.

Opposite the boardwalk is the beautifully restored Old Spirit Bond Mall.

Bridgetown Boardwalk
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