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While spending your Caribbean vacation in Barbados, take the opportunity to explore some of the other islands in the Caribbean. The islands are very different, with each having unique features - from the waterfalls of Dominica to the Piton mountains and sulphur springs of St. Lucia; the Amerindian culture of Guyana to the breathtaking natural beauty and bio-diversity of Tobago!

You can choose to fly to the islands on one of the inter-island planes, charter a catamaran for a cruise through the islands, take a Caribbean cruise or for the more adventurous, try an exciting Adventure package which includes hiking.

Visit a local travel agent while in Barbados for help in arranging your Caribbean exploration adventure!

The following airlines provide flights from Barbados to other Caribbean islands:

  • Caribbean Airlines
  • LIAT


There is presently no ferry service between Barbados and the other Caribbean islands.

St. Lucia


  • Dominica is known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, testimony to its many mountains, tropical rainforests, rivers and beaches. To plan your trip to this lovely Caribbean island visit Find Dominica accommodation, compare on price and features
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