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First Time At Cuz’s Fish Stand, Barbados

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No visit to Barbados is complete without a stop at the legendary Cuz’s Fish Stand on the west coast of the island. Here’s why….


Anticipation grew as we were counting down the days to visit Cuz’s fish stand. I had somehow painted a mental picture of what my first time would be like, as the many discussions surrounding Cuz’s famous fish cutters were related to me.

Although the journey was relatively short, it seemed like we took forever to get there. Upon arrival I was greeted by a car park filled with vehicles, which somewhat caused an anxious demeanor to over power me and spark my anticipation even more. The smell of the grilled fish was like aromatherapy to a foodie. Tourists and locals alike flocked to the front of the aquamarine shack to place and pick up their orders.

Cuz.. the line up :)

Cuz.. the line up 🙂

“Next in line!” said Cuz, “I’ll have two fish cutters please, one plain and one with egg and cheese”. “Sorry no eggs!” Cuz replied. I swore my breath stopped for a bit, no egg!!, I exclaimed to myself, I had to settle for just the cheese. The mental picture I painted before started to appear different again.

After two minutes of listening to distorted music, coming from an old radio at the side of the fish stand, we were served two very warm fish cutters garnished with lettuce and tomatoes, of course mine had cheese!. The moment was now! We quickly borrowed a “scotch” on the sandy concreted slab nearby the colorful lifeguard hut.

My first bite into the extremely soft salt bread that was riddled with some of the sweetest fish I’ve ever tasted sent my taste buds into a craze. Although I didn’t make use of the pink pepper sauce provided by “Cuz”, I can say that enough endorphins were released in my brain to have kept me smiling for the rest of the day.

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