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Barbados hosts underwater art gallery!

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Barbados is blessed to currently have an incredibly creative underwater display of art at the wreck of the SS Stavronikita!

There you can explore the work of Austrian photographer (and diver) Andreas Franke who chose the Barbados site as a backdrop for his art that combines underwater photography and photoshop magic to create alluring and mysterious scenes. The pictures are attached to the hull of the wreck using magnets.

An underwater art gallery!

An underwater art gallery!

The Stavronikita was sunk in the 1970’s and is now an artificial reef that is home to an array of corals, fish and other marine life. The wreck is located at the Folkestone Marine Park on the west coast of Barbados.

The exhibition is called “The Sinking World” and Andreas says “I wanted to share this fascinating, incredible underwater scenery full of lavish life”.

The exhibition continues until the end of April.

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