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Folkestone Marine Park & Museum

Folkestone Marine Park features an artificial reef, purposefully formed by the sinking of the ship Stavronikita which rests in 120ft of water less than half a mile from the shore. As a result of its depth, diving the Stavronikita is recommended only for experienced divers in the company of others. Contact a local scuba diving operator to explore the Stavronikita.


Folkestone Marine Park

Snorkelers will prefer to swim around the inshore reef found in the Recreational Zone of the Park. This reef is found about one-third of a mile offshore and is home to numerous fish and other marine life, including sea anemones, sea lilies, corals and sponges.

Scuba divers

Scuba divers may hire boats to take them out to one of the many dive sites in the area, where they can enjoy excellent visibility and good coral density.

Underwater Adventure


Other Watersports

The calm waters and gentle waves at Folkestone also make it the perfect spot for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Folkestone Museum

Folkestone Picnic Area

A major feature of the Folkestone Museum is a visitor interpretation center for public viewing and education. This features an aquarium with many interesting and rare marine species, including coral and sponges. There is also a photographic exhibit on marine life.

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Tennis courts, a basketball court, picnic benches, a snackette, and a childrens playground are also present at Folkestone. This is a great spot to stop for a picnic on the shaded benches.

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The boardwalk at Folkestone
The boardwalk at Folkestone
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