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Barbados is distinctively charming… by nature

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Barbados is a Caribbean island of intense natural beauty from the rugged seascapes to tropical flowers, friendly sea turtles, whistling frogs and flying fish! This splendour is captured in the video below.. enjoy ūüôā

Although the island is only 166 square miles, there is an incredible diversity. From the calm waters of the Caribbean sea on the west coast to the rugged clifftops and powerful waves of the eastern Atlantic coast.

Across the island you’ll find an abundance of life including whistling frogs lulling you to sleep at night, playful monkeys helping themselves to farmer’s fruit and ¬†black belly sheep roaming free.¬†Each winter migratory birds make their way to the warmth and safety of Barbados’ swamps and mangroves before returning north in the spring.

Friendly sea turtles are a top attraction on the island. The Sea Turtle Project ensures their protection and lends a helping hand to new hatchlings. Join a local catamaran cruise to meet these charming creatures.¬†The seas are teeming with an abundance of sea life… coral, colourful tropical fish, crabs and rays.

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The land is equally abundant with sugar canes swaying in the breeze while historic mahogany, Boabab and Bearded Fig trees remain solidly entrenched in the rich soil. The beauty of the tropical flowers is nothing short of spectacular!

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The unique geology of Barbados has given rise to a limestone island dotted with an impressive cave and gully system. The gullies provide a habitat for a wide array of flora and fauna. A visit to Welchman Hall Gully and Hunte’s Gardens is highly recommended. Equally impressive are the caves – Harrison’s Cave with its emerald pools and remarkable stalactites and stalagmites; and the Animal Flower Cave with amazing lookouts and interesting wall formations.

We hope you come and discover this enchantingly charming island with us!

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