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Join us on our YouTube Channel – BarbadosTravel – to discover what attracts so many visitors to our shores over and over again…. the incredibly friendly people, colourful rumshops, delicious fish fry, enchanting wildlife, historic sites and so much more!

Barbados is an incredibly diverse Caribbean island… from the tranquil west coast to the ruggedly beautiful eastern coastline; luxury beachfront villas rented by celebrities and popular all-inclusive resorts;  the hottest clubs & party spots in the Caribbean and quiet beaches; food carts & shacks and the finest international dining.

On this Caribbean island it all blends in perfect harmony… making Barbados truly distinctively charming!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel as we bring you the best Barbados videos… you won’t want to miss a single one! Go swimming with friendly sea turtles, explore underground caves, zipline across the treetops,  dive in a real submarine, take an island safari, sail into the sunset!  We do it all in Barbados!

Barbados... a tropical Caribbean paradise!

Barbados… a tropical Caribbean paradise!

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