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Hastings Rocks

Hastings Rocks is located in the parish of Christ Church on the south coast of Barbados.

This area enjoys spectacular views of the ocean and has always been a favourite spot for fairs and outdoor performances.

Hastings Rocks Barbados - beach

In more recent times, the creation of the south coast boardwalk has revitalized the Hastings Rocks. The boardwalk runs directly behind the Hastings Rocks and leads down to a lovely beach. The elevation of the Hastings Rocks has been lowered to allow road traffic to enjoy this wonderful view.

Hastings Rocks Barbados - bandstand

At the heart of the Hastings Rocks is the bandstand, where the sweet sounds of the Royal Barbados Police Band are often heard during open-air performances. The bandstand also offers a great view looking up and down the boardwalk.

Blakey's Bar & Restaurant is located at the western end of Hastings Rocks. Entertainment is held here throughout the week and it's a favourite after-work meeting spot for locals.

At the eastern end of Hastings Rocks is a children's play area and washroom facilities.


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Bandstand and benches at Hastings Rocks
Bandstand and benches at Hastings Rocks

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